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GMAC Announces Online GMAT Exam

GMAT online exam

We are all experiencing many changes to daily life due to COVID-19. has prudently closed many GMAT testing centers across the country with an unclear timeline for reopening them. For those of you applying to business school and studying for the GMAT, and in particular if you had a scheduled GMAT test date, you were in limbo. But today, in response to this "new normal", GMAC has followed ETS's (they recently introduced an "at home GRE" exam) lead by temporarily offering an interim online GMAT exam, beginning mid-April in impacted markets excluding mainland China. 

What is the Interim GMAT Exam?

The proposed online GMAT exam will still have each of the Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning sections, but no Analytical Writing Analysis, or essay, section. Each of the included sections will maintain the usual structure with the same number of questions and time allocation. This will allow GMAC to keep an identical score scale for the section scores and total score with the interim online exam.. 

While all of the details are still to be provided, the interim online official GMAT will be taken on a personal computer with a live remote proctor and check-in protocols adjusted for online delivery. While exact pricing has not yet been determined, GMAC has also announced intent to offer this interim online GMAT at a lower price than the standard exam. 

Who can take the Online GMAT?

The interim online version of the GMAT will be available starting in mid-April to all impacted countries and cities, outside of mainland China. At this point, GMAC is working with the Chinese government to provide alternative solutions. 

For more information and to stay up to date, visit For specific updates on China, click here

Why the Online GMAT is a Great Option

MyGuru encourages anyone studying for the GMAT to consider online GMAT tutoring. Given the changing circumstances, we believe the pros for online GMAT tutoring are even more apparent. Students can actually take the GMAT at home, on the same computer, and in the same room they completed much of their practice for the GMAT.

We predict that average GMAT scores for students taking the online GMAT may even be higher than those taking it in the traditional testing center setting. Most people are more relaxed and self-assured in a home environment than when sitting for an exam in a new, sterile place.

If the equipment and environment allow it, we strongly recommend considering this unique option to take the GMAT at home while it’s offered. Furthermore, if you are currently experiencing a work-at-home, shelter-in-place, or temporary furlough order, this could be an opportunity to use your excess available time to study for the GMAT (and take it at home!).