In-person and Online GMAT Test Prep Tutoring

We offer in-person and online GMAT tutoring. 

Our GMAT coaches have more experience than almost any other test prep provider, but our rates for GMAT tutoring are generally 50% below other well-known GMAT prep companies. Through our online tutoring platform with no sign-in videoconferencing and a cutting edge market-leading whiteboard tool, we also offer fully-recorded premium tutoring and small group online GMAT prep.

In-Person & Online GMAT Prep Options and Tutoring Rates

We offer in-person tutoring in a growing number of cities (including Chicago, New York, and Boston) because we do recognize that some students simply prefer to meet a tutor in-person. However, we recommend online GMAT  prep because it encourages best practices for the computer delivered GMAT, while offering more convenience and functionality.

Online GMAT tutoring rates

For students seeking an immersive GMAT prep experience, premium online GMAT tutoring includes full session recording and a 24/7 live private whiteboard where students can leave notes between lessons and receive a response from the instructor "off hours."

Discounts of greater than 15% off the above base rates are available when you invest in packages of hours in advance. We also offer a ~20 minute free introductory phone call (for in-person tutoring) or virtual meeting (for online tutoring).

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How Does Online GMAT Tutoring Work?

We believe our approach to online GMAT coaching provides a more intuitive and more personalized experience than anything else in the online GMAT prep market. After each session you'll have two texts to review - The Official Guide (we recommend the eBook version to build good habits for test day when you'll take the GMAT test online or on a computer) and a PDF of that day's whiteboard filled with study notes and test-taking strategies and completed GMAT practice questions.

GMAT Problem Solving
  • Students only need to click a link from their instructor to begin studying for GMAT virtually
  • All GMAT strategies are demonstrated by an expert online GMAT tutor 
  • Premium online GMAT prep sessions are hosted as digital recordings for review at any time

Online tutoring requires nothing beyond a laptop, internet, and scratch paper (just like the GMAT), so computer-based tutoring builds good habits for test day such as writing down process of elimination outlines and taking good notes.

Collaborate with an Experienced GMAT Coach

We believe we have the best GMAT tutors around.  Much of our online GMAT tutoring is delivered by a true test prep expert, MyGuru's Director of Online Tutoring, Stefan. Like most of our instructors, he is a professional test prep tutor who constantly seeks to provide the most effective, customized tutoring experience possible. 

GMAT preparation time and the best way to study for GMAT varies by student. We know you want to maximize your  score without overpaying for GMAT private tutor. Our tutors assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you reach your target score.  Whether your focus needs to be on GMAT verbal prep or advanced GMAT quant, a MyGuru GMAT coach will ensure you are studying for the GMAT efficiently.

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