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2018 Official Guide to the GMAT Review Series: Problem #167 (Back solving Variable in Choices)

Posted by John Easter on Mon, Jul 16, 2018 @ 10:25 AM

in this series, one of our most experienced GMAT tutors, John Easter, applies useful strategies to answer questions from the 2018 Official Guide. 

Problem #167 of the 2018 Official Guide to the GMAT states that four extra-large sandwiches of exactly the same size were ordered for m students where m>4. Three of the sandwiches were evenly divided among the students. Since 4 students did not want any of the fourth sandwich, it was evenly divided among the remaining students. If Carol ate one piece from each of the four sandwiches, the amount of sandwich that she ate would be what fraction of a whole extra-large sandwich?


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More than a Signal: Deconstructing the Value of an MBA Degree

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Mon, Jul 09, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

I have an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. This is a top program and I’m proud of having been accepted to and graduating from it, but it did cost me almost $150,000 in direct tuition. So, do I think it was worth it? I think so, but I’m not always sure. It’s perhaps a more complex question that requires consideration along multiple dimensions. In this article, I’ll explore the value of an MBA.

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GMAT Quant 101: Basic Facts & Concepts to Remember

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Thu, Jun 14, 2018 @ 08:00 AM

In our GMAT tutoring sessions, we constantly remind students that the GMAT is not a math test. Although there are some rules you need to know, doing well requires that you think in a structured yet flexible way and approach each question as a problem that needs to be solved strategically and creatively. Rote memorization of facts and formulas is not the answer. Building critical thinking skills is the path to a 700+ GMAT score. 

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Top 10 MBA Abroad Destinations

Posted by Tanmoy Ray, on Fri, Jun 01, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

The MBA is one of the most sought-after graduate programs in the world. Whether you are looking for a jump in the corporate career ladder, starting your own venture or hoping for a career change, an MBA degree could be more than handy. According to the QS Global Employer Survey 2017/2018 results, business and management studies are among the top 5 preferred disciplines among the recruiters. MBA is a great program to learn cross-functional skills and essential soft skills. On top of that,  studying abroad has its own unique advantages. Hence, it’s a no-brainer why so many international students apply for MBA programs abroad. In this post, we will look at the top 10 MBA abroad destinations for international students.

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Three Simple Ways Deliberate Practice Will Improve Your GMAT Score

Posted by Mike S. on Wed, May 30, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

There’s a common myth about standardized tests, that they’re supposed to gauge how smart you are. Why else would MBA programs require all students take a GMAT? Don’t they need some easy way to figure out who’s smartest without reading through all of those pesky applications?

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Use Problem Solving Efficiency to Achieve Problem Solving Success

Posted by Stefan Maisnier on Wed, May 16, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

Excelling at any skills-based endeavor demands an economy of motion where most mistake maximum effort for excellent execution. The GMAT is no different. Every Quantitative Problem Solving question has a litany of potential paths to a solution, and the successful GMAT student’s goal is to reach that solution in the fewest number of steps possible. The key is to take note of all the information provided in the proper order, consider what information may be hidden in the answer choices, and to then calculate for the desired information. This is the subject of today’s video tutorial with our Director of Online Tutoring – Stefan Maisnier.

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Should I Consider an MBA Without Sponsorship?

Posted by Hadi Sawaya, PreptoAchieve on Fri, May 04, 2018 @ 09:05 AM

Among the many factors affecting the decision to pursue an MBA, the student’s ability to fund the program is undoubtedly an incredibly important component.

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The Key to a 700 GMAT Score (or Higher): Multiple Levels of Strategy

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Thu, Apr 19, 2018 @ 09:00 AM

There is just something about breaking that 700-score threshold on the GMAT that feels, and perhaps really is, very important when you are applying to business school. In this article, I’ll share a less “technical” view on how to approach the GMAT to improve your chances of scoring 700 or better.

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Common GMAT Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - The Verbal and Writing Sections

Posted by Luis Freire on Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is intended to evaluate the ability to interpret and process information or knowledge within a specified period of time. The majority of students who register for and complete the GMAT are, for the most part, considering an advanced degree in Business, Management, Finance, Accounting or Human Resources. If you’re unsure whether the GMAT or the GRE is the best option for your specific situation, see our advice here.

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How to Get a GMAT Waiver From an MBA Program

Posted by Tiffany Rowe on Tue, Feb 06, 2018 @ 09:39 AM

Earning an MBA could mean substantially boosting your earning power and lowering your risk of unemployment. MBA graduates typically see pay rises of 50 percent over their pre-business-school salaries, and five years after graduation, they’re typically earning about 80 percent more than those already-higher post-graduation salaries. In 2016, 88 percent of students graduating from a ranked business school found a job within three months of graduation.

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