MyGuru Membership program (MMP)

We are proud to introduce the MyGuru membership program.

Over the years, many of our students have expressed an interest in a more affordable, flexible 1-1 tutoring option. We developed the MyGuru Membership Program (MMP) to support students looking for some extra help and guidance, but who didn't necessarily need live 1-1 tutoring sessions.

The core benefits MMP are:

  • Personal relationship with a dedicated, expert tutor
  • Live 30 minute intro session with your assigned tutor
  • Access to a private online whiteboard where you can post (at maximum) one question per day and receive text, image, or even video-based responses within 24 hours from your tutor
  • 10% discount on live private tutoring
  • 50% discounts on CFA, FRM, GMAT, and EA courses

This program can work well for a wide variety of students, from high school students through professionals studying for the CFA, and costs $25 per month. If you sign up but we determine your situation is not a great fit for the program, we'll process a refund and offer other ways to work together (such as traditional 1-1 tutoring). 

Please email us at with questions or concerns.

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