Is the LSAT Better with Logic Games?

Following a 2019 legal settlement, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) announced in fall 2023 that the Analytical Reasoning, or Logic Games, section of the LSAT would be retired after the final test of the 2023-24 cycle. Starting in August 2024, the exam will be comprised of only two section types: Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. The updated test will include two scored Logical Reasoning sections (as was true of the exam prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) one scored Reading Comprehension section, and one unscored section of either Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension to help vet questions for subsequent LSAT administrations.

LSAT scores remain viable for five years from an administration date, so law school admissions offices will be comparing students who completed the test with Logic Games to those who attempted the exam without them for a while. Announcing this change, LSAC asserted that comparing results two Logical Reasoning sections against exams with one Logical Reasoning section and one Logic Games section would have resulted in an average score difference of 1/100th of a point. So, completing the test with or without Logic Games in 2024 is really a matter of personal preference.

MyGuru has found that, with enough practice, Logic Games can be the most readily mastered section of the exam. There are ultimately fewer question types in this section than in Reading Comprehension or Logical Reasoning, and the game structures are relatively consistent. With several months remaining until the April 23, 2024 registration deadline for the June LSAT, the best way to determine whether Logic Games could be an asset or detriment to an individual student's score would be to take a diagnostic LSAT exam at and share the results with one of our LSAT experts. Even if a first Logic Games section were challenging, using MyGuru's proven Logic Games tactics, the section could still become a strength. 

Of course, if you still have questions about whether to take the LSAT with Logic Games, please contact MyGuru to schedule a free videoconference to speak with one of our LSAT gurus!

The MyGuru Edge for LSAT Prep

No two LSAT students are the same, so no two MyGuru one-on-one tutoring sessions are either. Our LSAT tutors are equally familiar with each section of the exam (yes, that includes the unscored LSAT Writing section) so they can build a uniquely targeted study plan with a personalized learning approach to help each student achieve their personal score goals.

Using dynamic online whiteboarding tools in a virtual meeting environment that requires no equipment other than an internet connected computer with a microphone and camera, MyGuru LSAT tutoring features both content review and live practice problems. Using this parallel track of instruction, our instructors explain how particular LSAT strategies and tactics can be used for future problems with similar content.

The instructor's live-produced whiteboard notes are then shared as either a static .pdf (see example) after every session or kept on a private whiteboard for future reference and interaction in between lessons. Over time, these notes become a supplementary "textbook" of tactics and content to review that is unique to each student's lesson pland and learning style that isn't available anywhere else.

LSAT Whiteboard

Request a LSAT Tutor

Get a Custom LSAT Study Plan

Selecting a LSAT tutor is a major commitment, so we always offer a free 15-minute introductory videoconference with any potential instructor to help each student decide which path forward is best for their individual LSAT and law school application needs. While we can also conduct a phone call, we recommend a videoconference as it allows a greater opportunity to share exactly what separates MyGuru from all other LSAT prep companies. In that videoconference potential students will be able to:

  • Screenshare live with an experienced MyGuru LSAT coach to learn how our dynamic whiteboarding tool works and to better understand the differences between our standard and premium online tutoring offers
  • Discuss a tailored LSAT study schedule and possible supplementary resources that can help you continue your learning by completing intentionally curated homework assignments between live lessons
  • Share your experience with the LSAT, or any other standardized tests you may have taken in the past, to give fuller context regarding what you need from a potential tutor and consider whether you should take the test before the Logic Games section is retired in June 2024
  • Conduct a comfortable introductory conversation with your possible tutor to determine whether the personality fit is good and whether that instructor seems well-positioned to guide the next steps of your LSAT journey

LSAT Tutoring Pricing & Package Options

At MyGuru, we believe on return on investment and do not require any commitment to start working together beyond purchase of a single hour of instruction. We offer several tiers of instruction and hours to maximize value. At each level, MyGuru students have gained admission (and merit-based aid!) from some of the top law schools in the United States.

  • Standard Online | $130 per hour | $600 for 5 hours | $1,400 for 12 hours | $2,700 for 24 hours
    Our most affordable option, and significantly lower cost than our most well-known individual tutoring competitors, MyGuru Standard Online LSAT tutoring is uniquely tailored to each student's needs by an instructor with thousands of hours of tutoring experience and provides a .pdf of each lesson's whiteboard notes by email within 24 hours of each session.
  • Premium Online | $200 per hour | $900 for 5 hours | $2,100 for 12 hours | $4,000 for 24 hours
    Our best value, MyGuru Premium Online LSAT tutoring provides full recording of every session to watch back for up to three months after the final lesson and a private read/write whiteboard where students can demonstrate tactics live in lesson and post questions or comments in between lessons to maintain contact with their instructor. Instructors will check the board at least once a day to respond as warranted.
  • Expert Edge Online | $250 per hour | $1,125 for 5 hours | $2,600 for 12 hours | $5,000 for 24 hours
    Seeking large score improvements or top decile results? Consider premium online tutoring with MyGuru's Director of Instruction, Stefan Maisnier, who has 20 years of tutoring experience helping students get admitted to T14 law programs at Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, NYU, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Yale among others.

Our packages are designed with flexibility in mind to facilitate regular lessons of 60, 90 (most common), or 120 minutes depending on student availability and preference. Once a package of time is purchased, the cost for any additional time will remain at the prorated hourly package rate. We also refund unused hours minus a 5% processing fee and consider time unused provided at least 24-hour notice is given prior to a lesson for any reschedule or cancellation request.

Although it isn't recommended for the computer-administrated LSAT exam and lacks the dynamic features of our online tutoring, in-person instruction is available in many major US cities upon request, at the same prices as our Premium Online instruction, pending tutor availability.

Your LSAT Tutoring Guru

The MyGuru LSAT tutoring team is led by our Director of Instruction, Stefan Maisnier. Stefan possesses a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Southern California and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University that along with his experiences in live sports television production at ESPN and Fox Sports, financial communications, international relations at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, France, and academia at Northwestern and City Colleges of Chicago have allowed him to develop a uniquely engaging teaching style. It's turns out that having experience in live broadcasting and communicating to a global audience helps to make even the most boring reading comprehension passage more interesting!

A true believer in process, Stefan believes in the value of online instruction for the LSAT above all other exams. The online experience he has developed takes advantage of common screensharing tools to allow him to provide direct commentary during live drills using the official online testing interface at He knows that it is imperative that each student becomes familiar with the functionality allowed by the test through regular practice to inform effective highlighting of question tasks, argument conclusions, and reasons to eliminate so that students can be as accurate and efficient as possible on test day. 

Stefan is proudest of keeping in touch with many of his past students and becoming good friends with a few. He enjoys the personal touch tutoring allows most, because it lets him help students overcome personal doubts on the path to success. He's always ready to supportively ask for more effort because "getting into a top law school is supposed to be hard!"  

Director of Instruction - Stefan Maisnier

Proven LSAT Study Strategies

Preparing for a standardized test such as the LSAT is more similar to preparing for a marathon than cramming for a final exam, so the first step is to commit to 1-2 hours of daily dedicated practice for 2-4 months. The best resources for that practice can be found directly from the LSAC test makers at where students can take a free diagnostic exam to determine a baseline LSAT score for immediate reference and pay to gain access to nearly 100 practice exams from more than 20 years of past official LSAT administrations.

More than any other standardized test, the LSAT requires developing unique skills through targeted learning and repetition. That learning process can be supported through a number of instructional resources, and MyGuru tutors are ready and able to help guide students to specific third-party texts that are best suited to their needs and learning styles to avoid wasting time with resources that might not be as helpful. Furthermore, it is imperative that every student take a break between doing and self-reviewing any Lawhub practice or other lessons to avoid simply accepting an answer or an available explanation rather than challenging themselves to determine why their answer was incorrect, while the correct answer was right instead.

Real LSAT Student Feedback

  • Daniel D. Recently used MyGuru for LSAT prep. As a working professional, the online tutoring aspect worked really well with my schedule. Stefan was very flexible with scheduling sessions around my schedule, and the online tool was very easy to use. Stefan helped me hone in on the areas of the test that were holding me back from achieving a top score. With Stefan's help, I was able to target my problem areas and follow a practice routine that enabled me to eventually increase my score 8 points to 170+! Thanks Stefan and MyGuru!
  • Nicholas Z. I didn't have any LSAT experience prior to MyGuru. Nonetheless, Stefan helped me improve my LSAT score from average to 95th percentile over the course of only a couple months. Not only was their online tutoring both convenient and user-friendly, but moreover it was much more conducive to my learning (as opposed to traditional in-person tutoring). In particular, being able to save all the notes and compile them in my own personal digital folder allowed me to get the most out of everything we discussed in each lesson and review thoroughly. Stefan did a great job explaining things clearly and fully, teaching at a speed that was best for me, recognizing and attending to my weaknesses, as well as being enjoyable to work with in general. I appreciated that he was flexible when it came to scheduling, but made sure to keep me on track with the necessary "homework" (so to speak) that I needed to do in order to succeed. The way in which the lessons flowed felt natural, made perfect sense, and conformed nicely to my specific needs/timeframe. Without Stefan's help at MyGuru, I would not have known how to tackle the LSAT strategically as a whole, let alone attack each section, passage, question type, etc. Thank you, Stefan!
  • Angelyque L. I had a wonderful experience through MyGuru using Stefan for my LSAT tutoring. As a recent graduate student, studying for exams had never been something that was difficult for me until the LSAT. I took the LSAT without accurately preparing, and needless to say did not score well. After working with Stefan for approx. 3 months he broke down the exam in a way that was easy to understand, and helped me boost my score well over 10 points. He is a wonderful teacher, and knows how to TEACH the LSAT, in a way that is convenient to every student, because lets face it there is no way that we all learn the same. If you are really committed to law school, why waste your time with a prep class when you should be investing that one on one time with yourself, as this is a lifetime investment in your future. Stefan knows how to help you, work with your schedule (even if that meant 7 AM sessions during the week), was always able to reschedule when needed, and taught me how to study properly. I recommend my guru as well as Stefan to anyone who needs help with the LSAT, you will not regret it at all.
  • Mike C. I recently completed a LSAT prep session with Stefan via online lessons. Stefan was not only incredibly intelligent but possessed impressive wisdom in techniques of how to evaluate questions and asses answer choices. I felt very comfortable from day 1, and looked forward to each lesson I had. The online tools were very helpful and convenient, especially for those such as myself, who work full time. I highly recommend both Stefan and MyGuru as a prep aid for the LSAT exam. 10/10 experience.
    UPDATE: Law School offers have begun to roll in and I am PLEASED to say that I have received a few FULL RIDE offers from schools including UIC- John Marshall which was my target from the beginning. I could not have done this without MyGuru and Stefan Maisnier. Highly, highly recommended both as a professional and as a person. My hat goes off to you Stefan, thank you again for everything.
    UPDATE: Almost finished with my first semester of law school. Man that was rough.. (rougher than LSAT study in terms of content overload but not as rough as the LSAT in terms of analysis & logical reasoning.) Bottom line- a high LSAT score will save you a lot in law school. It is also great preparation for the amount of work you will be putting in a law school course. 10/10 recommend a study course, especially MYGURU (law school was all online this semester either way so zoom calls should interfere with the process!)
  • Divya G. Stefan has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my LSAT journey.  He is great at pointing out which areas need to be focused on, and he takes the time to tailor his teaching method to each student.  His tutoring has been extremely effective (for reference, my PT average went up 18 percentile points). I highly recommend having him as a tutor, not only because of his effectiveness, but also because of his genuine interest in helping his students become successful.  Stefan always went the extra mile to ensure that I was prepared and always did whatever he could to support my professional journey. I used the other major LSAT companies' tutoring services before MyGuru, and none of them were worth the money nor were they nearly as effective.  I can't thank Stefan and MyGuru enough, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!

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