Why Work with a CFA TUTOR?

An online CFA tutor can guide your CFA prep process and make it more manageable.  As you may have heard, it can take an average of 300 hours of CFA prep to pass the level 1 CFA exam.  Our CFA tutors will help you determine how to study for the CFA in the most efficient way possible. 

To learn more about how our CFA tutors can help you pass on the first try, please fill out this form and a MyGuru representative will contact you to answer any questions you may have and discuss:

  • Your goals, experience, and reasons for studying for the CFA exams
  • MyGuru's tutoring philosophy and approach
  • Possible tutors and qualifications
  • Pricing and differences between tutoring options
  • Schedule and logistics

Meet a Member of our CFA Tutor Team

Mark has been providing online CFA tutoring for 5+ years:

  • Undergraduate degree in law/legal studies (LLB) and JD
  • Unique background that helps him connect with students without technical backgrounds (attorney with CAIA and CFA designations)
  • Focuses on CFA concepts and theory before jumping to calculations

Self-Paced Online CFA Course Option

Our partner Analyst Prep delivers industry leading self-paced CFA prep. Their CFA exam prep platform features:

  • A large and growing question bank for all three CFA levels
  • High quality video lessons from award winning CFA instructors
  • Mock exams, study notes, and unlimited email-based tutoring

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