MyGuru Private Tutoring Results

We have been helping students improve their grades and standardized test scores since 2009. Public reviews are available on Yelp, Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Facebook. On this page, we share direct feedback from students who have worked with us. The hallmark of our approach involves upfront customized study plan design, an expert tutor who communicates well, and of course the hard work and commitment of the student to improve their performance.

Academic Subject Tutoring Results

"I have been using MyGuru since my daughter was in middle school.  She is now a senior in high school and have used various tutors in different subject areas and also for her ACT/SAT test prep.  Mark Skoskiewicz, the founder, is excellent in his quick response to any of  my inquiries and also in his promptness in securing a tutor for my daughter.  His fee is very reasonable and fair and his and his tutors' services are worth every penny paid.  I am extremely pleased with Mark and all of his tutors and I highly recommend MyGuru to anyone out there seeking a bit of extra help with academic needs."

Ruth C. , 2016


“We felt behind with High School math a bit, and needed help. This company was recommended by a friend. They sent Michael who guided as to an A for the course. Used them next year to help with AP Calc - got A. Rick, helped us to improve SAT math score from 640 to 780…our math tutor Rick was sending us comprehensive progress report which was very helpful.”

J.D., 2018


“We got a terrific tutor for our child through Guru. Dhara, our tutor, met with our child for several sessions and assisted with spelling and grammar. Dhara was energetic, playful, and very creative in her approach, and our child really enjoyed working with her…she was also an excellent communicator with me and updated me frequently on my child's progress. This was well worth the investment."

Rae R., 2018

"I've been working with Mark and other members of his tutoring team (Greg, Jim, and Kevin) for a few years.  We've used MyGuru for a combination of  honors high school math, physics, chemistry & biology tutoring and have found everyone fantastic to work with.  Greg (math & physics), Jim (chemistry) and Kevin (biology).  Every member of the MyGuru team has been a pleasure to work with...I found the prices of MyGuru to be extremely reasonable.  I recommended MyGuru to my niece taking her DAT test...I would certainly highly recommend MyGuru to others."

C.M., 2019

My son is a sophomore at University of Illinois.  During the first week of classes being online, my son realized that he needed additional support for an upper level finance class.  He tried peer tutoring online and that was not enough.  My sister told me about her son's success with MyGuru for tutoring of high level science classes…My son said it was a very productive tutor session and the two of them met one more time before his exam.  I really appreciate the speed of setting up the initial tutor session, the high quality tutor and that the price was very competitive.  We used to use Varsity Tutors, but the tutors were not as qualified and the pricing was higher.”

L.D., 2020


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ACT Tutoring & SAT Tutoring Results

"My daughter used this service in 2017.  The tutor was able to identify which areas of Math she should practice/work on. In addition, her tutor gave pointers regarding the SAT, especially when reading was involved during problem solving. I do believe that tutoring helped my daughter get a better grade on the SAT test."

Monique C.


"Starting with my initial contact with Mark at and all the way through the process, we have had an all-around very positive experience...We had a great SAT prep tutor [who] was hard-working, focused, expert in the subject of SAT prep, easily accessible and with a temperament to calm my daughter's high level of stress when preparing for the SAT's."

- Stephanie F.


"I am grateful that MyGuru was there when we needed them. They seem to operate with honesty, integrity and a desire to provide the best possible services when it comes to finding the right tutor for the job at fair prices." 

- S.F.


"MyGuru was a great find!  They offer excellent personal tutoring at an affordable cost.  Mark and the MyGuru staff responded quickly to our inquiries and identified a tutor, Patrick, who was a great fit for our daughter. Patrick developed an excellent strategy for our daughter's test prep.  We also greatly appreciated his flexibility with her changing schedule due to sports. He was extremely capable and very knowledgeable.  We have invited numerous friends to try  Patrick and MyGuru for their children's test prep needs." 

- Miriam M.

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GRE Tutoring Reviews

"I worked with John to prepare for taking the GRE for a second time. At my request, we focused solely on the quantitative section and his study tools and methods of preparation were very useful. The homework week to week was rigorous and useful, and over time I definitely noticed improvements. I recommend waiting to meet with John before you purchase study materials, as he has good recommendations for which providers to use and you will likely be asked to purchase those materials, regardless of what you had before. That said, he's very flexible and let me borrow some of the prep books that he has. In general, John is a very smart guy who understands the correct approach to achieving success on the GRE."

- Katie L.


"My score has been gradually increasing since working with Stefan. I still have to take the exam but feel very confident going into it. I am just so grateful to have found MyGuru! I couldn't believe how fast you got back to me after my initial inquiry, and how quickly I was set up with Stefan with my lessons. The process has made the test so much less daunting."

- Emily R.


"I am terrible at learning in classroom settings, and when I looked into private tutoring for GRE testing everything was 2000-3000 dollars.When I encountered MyGuru I felt like I hit the jackpot. 15 sessions for about 1200 dollars, maybe even less.You get to choose your tutor and I personally liked Sonam. I ended up only using 10 of those sessions and received a refund for the 5 sessions I did not use. Loved the service online from Mark. Super quick to respond to emails and very courteous. He even helped me out when I had a credit card issue. I highly recommend them!"

- Nicole M.


"I had a wonderful experience with MyGuru. I wanted a private tutor to help prepare for the GRE. I am extremely satisfied with my score. My tutor, Chris, was great. We met twice a week. He sent me a practice GRE to take before our first session and then we evaluated my weaknesses at our first meeting. I am very weak in Math and I ended up scoring higher in Quantitative Reasoning than in Verbal! Chris was very easy to understand. Took his time in explaining each concept and was very reliable and smart! He gave me great strategies to help achieve the score I wanted. The company is not pushy and does not try to sell you more products or extra sessions that you do not want. They are very fairly priced too. A WONDERFUL COMPANY! I wish I had used them for the ACT four years ago. I gave their name to my cousin and she is using Chris now too! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MYGURU! My family has used many other tutoring companies for the ACT, GRE, and DAT. THIS IS THE BEST ONE AROUND!"

- Mary C.

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GMAT Tutoring Reviews

"I initially reached out to MyGuru after reading reviews online, but didn't send a follow up email to finally set up tutoring until a month before my GMAT test. My only regret is not signing up sooner for their services. Stefan was very helpful and encouraging when working with me. I highly recommend him, as he is very patient! I was feeling intimidated by the quantitative section of the GMAT, considering it had been about 7 or 8 years since I had taken any sort of math class. Stefan showed me techniques and had so many helpful tips on how to approach problems on the GMAT.  I was able to feel so much more confident which helped me greatly in the end on test day.  He also gave me homework after every session in order to further guide our future sessions and encourage me to practice problems on my own in the meantime. My weekly expectations were always very clear and straightforward, and the accountability was very much appreciated!  My practice score consistently went up week to week once I started working with Stefan.  I'm sure if I had reached out sooner I would've gotten an even higher score. MyGuru was much more affordable than other options I researched and my sessions felt much more personalized than I initially thought they might be.  On test day, I got within my ideal score range, and am very thankful! I don't think I could've reached that just with self study.  Thank you Stefan and MyGuru! I've already booked in my first MBA interview at one of my top schools! "

- Sarah A.


"I highly recommend MyGuru and Stefan in particular for test preparation. While looking for GMAT tutors, I found MyGuru via prior Yelp recommendations. Not only did Stefan review the information covered by the GMAT in a clear manner, but he provided very helpful tricks and tips to be able to tackle difficult problems in the short time allotted. Beyond content, Stefan provided a study structure that I found helpful and was also very flexible. I had only about a 6 week window when I deiced to take the test, so both the structure and the flexibility provided was much appreciated, especially since my work schedule can be quite hectic. I got slightly above my goal score on the GMAT, with my score improving significantly from my first practice test.

Before reaching out to MyGuru, I looked at a number of classes and private tutors. The combination of price, flexibility in class time, and private online sessions ultimately led me to decide on MyGuru and I’m very happy I did."

- Kelly S.

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"I was looking for some extra tutoring for my upcoming GMAT exam. I was still struggling with the quantitative section...I received a response the same night that I had inquired about the services and was immediately referred to a tutor. I spent a week tutoring with my tutor and he helped me improve on so many test taking skills as well as the quantitative section. I ended up...receiving a score that was 60 points higher than my initial exam score and I was thrilled."

- Jessica P.


"I would highly recommend Margo as a tutor for anyone looking to dramatically improve their overall score on the GMAT. I was dejected after scoring a 640 on my GMAT in July, so I turned to MyGuru for a solution after receiving a referral from a friend. Margo has coached me over the past few months - accommodating my busy work schedule flexibly and often times offering me more than the allotted time for tutoring to chat about life, professional development, relationships - whatever was on my mind. Her self-written course guides, GMAT study plan, and online quizzes were very impressive and useful - an essential part of my preparation. She was an excellent tutor with a unique method - and was especially strong in teaching me to apply more shortcuts and organization in GMAT math problems. With Margo's support, I managed to score a 750 on my second attempt at the GMAT - a 110pt improvement in 2 short months. I also managed to gain some career/life advice and a great new friend in the process."

- Matt K.





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Executive Assessment Reviews

"I sought the help of MyGuru to initially prepare for the rather obscure Essential Skills, but later turned into an Executive Assessment Exam prep. I was very impressed with my instructor Stefan on every session. He was always very comprehensive and professional, with interactive and dynamic sessions. Stefan helped me to push on the Quantitative and Verbal skills week in and week out. I really felt like I was progressing with my learning, getting confident, and pushing myself forward in the process. I went from zero to hero in only a few months and was able to hit a score on the EA that led to be accepted on a Top European Business School. A 5-star service all around."

- Pedro D.


"Amazing experience working with Stephen at MyGuru for the GRE. Prompt, professional, customized, willing to work around my schedule - exceeded my goal score! I did independent study using Manhattan Prep and received a 163 on Quant on my GRE exam. Scheduled time with Stephen the next day, then set up several sessions over 3 weeks, and ended up scoring a 168 on Quant on my final GRE (Verbal went up as well). Appreciated that Stephen did not just recycle old content, especially since I had already studied for a while. He also was flexible and willing to fit me in around his and my schedules over a short time period. All for a very good per-hour price vs. competitors. The end results speak for themselves. I recommend MyGuru to all!"

Kelsey H.


LSAT Tutoring Reviews


"Stefan has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my LSAT journey.  He is great at pointing out which areas need to be focused on, and he takes the time to tailor his teaching method to each student.  His tutoring has been extremely effective (for reference, my PT average went up 18 percentile points).  

I highly recommend having him as a tutor, not only because of his effectiveness, but also because of his genuine interest in helping his students become successful.  Stefan always went the extra mile to ensure that I was prepared and always did whatever he could to support my professional journey.  

I used the other major LSAT companies' tutoring services before MyGuru, and none of them were worth the money nor were they nearly as effective.  I can't thank Stefan and MyGuru enough, and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!"

Divya G.


I didn't have any LSAT experience prior to MyGuru. Nonetheless, Stefan helped me improve my LSAT score from average to 95th percentile over the course of only a couple months. Not only was their online tutoring both convenient and user-friendly, but moreover it was much more conducive to my learning (as opposed to traditional in-person tutoring). In particular, being able to save all the notes and compile them in my own personal digital folder allowed me to get the most out of everything we discussed in each lesson and review thoroughly.

Stefan did a great job explaining things clearly and fully, teaching at a speed that was best for me, recognizing and attending to my weaknesses, as well as being enjoyable to work with in general. I appreciated that he was flexible when it came to scheduling, but made sure to keep me on track with the necessary "homework" (so to speak) that I needed to do in order to succeed. The way in which the lessons flowed felt natural, made perfect sense, and conformed nicely to my specific needs/timeframe. Without Stefan's help at MyGuru, I would not have known how to tackle the LSAT strategically as a whole, let alone attack each section, passage, question type, etc. Thank you, Stefan!

Nicholas Z.


"My tutor was Adam Bright, and he tutored me on the LSAT. (Take my review with a grain of salt as he and I shared a VERY similar background, so it is likely we were better able to establish a rapport than perhaps other students/tutors with dissimilar backgrounds.)

Adam, as well as the rest of the staff at MyGuru, was welcoming, receptive and accommodating from the beginning. It was easy to get ahold of them and to schedule meetings. The online tutoring was simple and effective. I received a copy of the digital whiteboard from each lesson. Adam always came thoroughly prepared for each session. There was one occasion where Adam was unable to meet at the prescribed time, and he made sure I had another tutor, Stefan, who could fill in, and I was in equally good hands.

I have not yet received my score, but I think that contributes to the strength of my review. In what was able to be controlled by MyGuru, they were excellent, start to finish. I went into the December 2nd LSAT as prepared as I could have been, and there was nothing on the test that felt alien. My time with Adam and MyGuru was well spent and surely led to an improvement that I am excited to see."

Matt D.

"I had a wonderful experience through MyGuru using Stefan for my LSAT tutoring. As a recent graduate student, studying for exams had never been something that was difficult for me until the LSAT. I took the LSAT without adequately preparing, and needless to say did not score well. After working with Stefan for about 3 months, he broke down the exam in a way that was easy to understand and helped me boost my score well over 10 points."

- Angelyque L.


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