How We Work

Working with a MyGuru tutor is a simple, convenient process.

We know our expert tutors and the customized instruction they deliver is at the core of our success, but our commitment to a high level of customer service as you learn about tutoring options and are connected with a tutor is also critical.

To get started, you can call us at 312-278-0321, email us at, or fill out a form on the left. 

Here’s what to expect after you call or email us:

Step #1: Learn about MyGuru and Discuss Your Situation

A MyGuru Managing Tutor emails with or speaks to you to learn more about your particular situation, tutoring need, location, etc. and answers any questions about MyGuru or our tutors that you might have.

Step #2: Learn about Available Tutors, Pricing, and Payment Options

Based on Step #1, we reach out to the tutors most likely to be a good fit to confirm current availability.  Once we hear back from our tutors, we decide who our best fit is for you (although you can play a part in this matching process if you’d like) and you are provided with your tutor’s background, and a base hourly rate.  We’ll tell you that you’ll be billed in advance to confirm the first session, once you’re able to schedule a session with the tutor.  However, that first session comes with a money back guarantee.  We accept any major credit card, can accept PayPal, and can even accept physical checks mailed to our offices in advance in some cases. 

We’ll also tell you that after the first session, you’ll have the option to invest in 5, 10, or 15 hours of tutoring at a discount of 5, 10, or 15% off of your base hourly rate.  And, even if you decide to pay in advance to receive the discount, unused hours will still be refunded – we aren’t “locking you in” to using these tutoring hours once purchased in advance.

You’ll also learn that you cannot bring cash or check to the first session with a tutor – you must provide payment in advance to confirm the session.  You can always cancel, as long as you provide 24 hours of notice.  Not providing this notice results in a potential charge for one hour of tutoring.

Step #3: Get Connected with a Tutor and Discuss Logistics and Objectives

Next, we email you and your tutor, and instruct your tutor to reach out to you to discuss logistics and objectives (time, place, etc.) for the first session.  If necessary, you and your tutor speak on the phone for 10-15 minutes to get acquainted and ensure there’s a good fit.

Your tutor works with you to schedule a session at a local library, coffee shop, in your home, or in some cases online.  If possible, you send your tutor example problems, questions, etc. in advance so he or she can prepare before the session.

Step #4: Provide Payment to Confirm the First Session

At this point, although you’ve tentatively scheduled a session with your tutor, we send you an email-based invoice for the first hour via Google Checkout or PayPal to officially confirm everything. This first hour comes with a money back guarantee, and if you need to cancel your first session, you must do so prior to 24 hours before the session to avoid a late cancellation fee of up to the cost of one hour of tutoring.  Once payment is provided, we notify the tutor, and everything is confirmed. 

Step #5: You Receive Customized, 1-1 Tutoring from an expert MyGuru Tutor

Please show up to the session at least 5 minutes in advance!

Step #6: Provide Feedback and Consider Additional Hours at a Discount

After that initial session, someone from MyGuru follows up to collect feedback.  If the session goes well, you can invest in 5, 10, or 15 hours in advance to lock in future sessions, which comes with a 5, 10, or 15% discount (i.e., so if your base hourly rate was $50, it becomes $50 x 85% = $42.50 under this long term relationship).  However, unused hours are always refunded in full, so you are never “locked in” to using a block of hours.

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