For 15 years, MyGuru has provided an unparalleled edge to students worldwide by empowering a team of uniquely qualified subject matter experts to use their individual expertise and experience to provide dynamic real-time instruction rather than boring one-size-fits-all curricula to every client.

We have delivered customized in-person and virtual tutoring to individuals at the middle school, high school, college, graduate, and professional levels as well as enterprise tutoring solutions for institutions such as Northwestern Mutual and Northeastern Illinois University.  Please learn more about how you can take advantage of the MyGuru edge by exploring our website or contacting us to achieve your academic and professional goals!


Eliminate overhead costs to offer the services of our exemplary instructors at a fraction of the cost of our most prominent competitors, so as many students as possible can benefit from the MyGuru edge that is our team of tutors. Each of our talented instructors is a true guru in his or her field who is able to instruct and motivate students in ways that no textbook or online video can! 


  • Tutoring is our passion and we always strive to make students passionate for the subject they are learning
  • Online tutoring is best because it lets the instructor to take notes for the student rather than the other way around
  • No subject should be taught the same for every student, but there are some skills that must be learned to succeed
  • Conscientious execution, repetition, and review are the key to retaining information after a lesson



Mark Skoskiewicz

CEO, Founder

Mark graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Finance, History, and Philosophy. While at Indiana, he worked as an economics tutor for the athletic department and for a private tutoring company. He also holds an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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Stefan Maisnier

Partner, Director of Instruction

After being voted best instructor in the Midwest by students at a larger tutoring company, Stefan struck out on his own with MyGuru because he'd been told to stick to the textbook one too many times!

our Story

While pursuing his MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in 2009, Mark Skoskiewicz founded MyGuru after reflecting on his experience using tutors during his studies and acting as one as an undergraduate business administration student at Indiana University. He recognized an opportunity to connect students of all ages and abilities to elite tutors without the extra layers of logistics, management, and marketing that are found at many instructional firms.

Starting in 2018 (even before COVID!), the majority of MyGuru instruction began moving online under Director of Instruction, Stefan Maisnier, who became a partner in 2019. Prior to joining MyGuru full-time, Stefan used his own degrees in communication from the University of Southern California and journalism from Northwestern University in a variety of roles at ESPN in Connecticut, in Paris, France at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and as a Public Relations Director for City Colleges of Chicago.


Chicago: 312-278-0321