Series 66 Tutoring

Individuals who want to enter the securities industry as securities agents or investment adviser representatives must take the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam followed by the Series 7 and Series 66 exam. Our Series 66 tutors are intimately familiar with the concepts covered on the Series 66 exam, including:

  • Economic factors and business information (5%): time value of money/IRR, etc., descriptive statistics (e.g., mean, median, correlation), financial ratios and uses (e.g., current ratio, quick ratio, etc.), and valuation ratios (e.g., P/E)
  • Investment vehicle characteristics (20%): valuation factors of fixed income securities, valuation factors of equity securities, evaluation of pooled investment vehicles, futures, alternative investments, insurance products, other assets
  • Client/customer investment recommendations and strategies (30%): types of clients, customer profiles, capital market theory, portfolio management theories, styles, and techniques, tax considerations, retirement plans, ERISA issues, estate planning, trading securities, measuring portfolio performance
  • Laws, regulations, and guidelines, including prohibition on unethical business practices (45%): investment advisor regulation, broker-dealer regulation, agents of broker dealers, regulation of securities and issuers, remedies, communication with clients, ethical practices and fiduciary obligations

For a more detailed exploration of the concepts covered on the Series 66 exam, visit the North American Securities Administrators Association web-site for the Series 66. Across the above topics, there are 100 questions and you have 150 minutes. Many large financial institutions will only let you take the Series 66 a few times. In some cases, you may only get one or two chances to pass.

Benefits of a Customized Series 66 Study Plan

As with any type of academic or professional exam, private, customized, 1-1 tutoring for the Series 66 exam can be extremely effective. Our tutors can help you identify the most effective prep material, and they can help you develop a customized study plan (the exam covers a wide breadth of concepts, but this limits the depth at which any given concept can be covered. Our tutors help you navigate this as you prepare for the exam). And of course, they can explain concepts in several different ways to build and then test your understanding.

We emphasize comprehension rather than memorization. In order to pass the Series 66, you need to understand the material, not memorize facts and figures; they are related but different concepts.

Featured Series 66 Tutor

Many individuals who passed the Series 66 with ease have a difficult time explaining the key concepts to others. Not everyone has the skills and experience to be an effective tutor. We work with experienced Series 66 tutors who are passionate about helping others succeed and launch their careers in the securities industry.

Our featured Series 7 tutor is Ken, who only tutors for the financial licensing exams, and has worked with dozens of students, both in-person (in New York) and online (via WebEx, with screen sharing, audio, and video features).

Ken holds a bachelor’s degree (with Honors) from Hofstra University and tutors for the SIE exam, Series 65, Series 66, and Series 7. He helps students identify the concepts on which to spend relatively more or less time reviewing based on the material he knows will be on the exam as compared with their current level of understanding. He knows from experience that each student learns at a different pace, and he takes extreme pride in the success he has helped his students achieve. The pass rate for his students is well over 85% and he believes the most efficient way to prep for financial licensing exams is to utilize a professional tutor.


We charge $99 per hour for online tutoring, and $125 per hour for in-person tutoring (only available in New York), and ask only that the minimum session length is one hour. The first hour is paid for in advance by credit card, and if that goes well, subsequent hours are generally purchased in blocks of 10 hours (5 and 15-hour packages also exist).

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