Series 7 Tutoring

Studying for the Series 7, or any other FINRA licensing exams, can be stressful. Oftentimes, you job depends on your ability to pass the Series 7. Individuals who want to enter the securities industry must take the Series 7 exam, and many large financial institutions will only let you take it a few times.

As with any type of academic or professional exam, online Series 7 tutoring is often extremely effective. It can be the difference between failing and passing the exam for some students.

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Experienced Series 7 Tutors

We believe the most efficient way to prep for financial licensing exams is to utilize a professional online Series 7 tutor.

Learn how to pass the FINRA exams from one of the most experienced, down to earth Series 7 tutors you'll find. Our primary Series 7 tutor  has over a decade of experience, helping students learn how to pass the Series 7 exam:

  • BA in English from Arizona State
  • Certificate in Financial Planning
  • FINRA Series 7 – 92%, FINRA Series 63, 85%
  • Registered rep for a leading discount/online brokerage for 8 years
  • Deep experience as an online tutor and virtual classroom instructor for the Series 6, 63, 7, and for the past two years, the SIE exam

The pass rate for his students is well over 85%, but we work with other Series 7 coaches as well.

Customized, 1-on-1 FINRA Exam Coaching

Our tutors help you assess your starting point and then develop a customized Series 7 study plan to help you prepare for the Series 7 exam as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our most experienced SIE and Series 7 tutor, Richard, has been teaching classes about investing since 1997 and been conducting virtual classes and 1-on-1 tutoring for FINRA exams since 2011. He has an excellent capacity for making difficult concepts clear, and for translating  "financialese" into English, by engaging rather than lecturing students.

What Makes a Good Series 7 Tutor?

We emphasize comprehension rather than memorization. In order to Pass the Series 7, you need to understand the material, not memorize facts and figures; they are related but different concepts. We also help students build a customized Series 7 study plan based on their unique strengths and weaknesses. For additional information about the Series 7 Exam, review FINRA's Series 7 Exam Content Outline. 

How Much Does Series 7 Tutoring Cost?

We charge $99 per hour for online tutoring, and $125 per hour for in-person tutoring (only available in New York), and ask only that the minimum session length is one hour. The first hour is paid for in advance by credit card, and if that goes well, subsequent hours are generally purchased in blocks of 10 hours (though we can be flexible on this point).

Once you request a tutor below, we'll follow up with more details and connect you with your assigned tutor.

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