Series 7 Exam Tutoring

Studying for the Series 7, or the many other financial licensing exams, can be stressful.  As you probably know, individuals who want to enter the securities industry must take the Series 7 exam, and many large financial institutions will only let you take it a few times. In some cases, you may only get one or two chances to pass.

As with any type of academic or professional exam, private, customized, 1-1 tutoring for the Series 7 exam is often extremely effective.  However, we’ve found that it's a unique exam.  Many tutors who, in theory, should be great Series 7 tutors, have a difficult time explaining the key concepts to others.

Our Featured Series 7 Tutor

Learn how to pass the FINRA exams from an actual compliance officer. 

Our featured Series 7 tutor is Ken, who only tutors for the financial licensing exams, and has worked with hundreds of students, both in-person (in New York) and online (via WebEx, with screen sharing, audio, and video features).

He has been working on Wall street since 1989 and teaching the series 3, 4, 7, 24, 55 and 63, 65, 66 since 2006. He finds that by providing real life examples, he is able to make the material "stick

In addition, he helps students identify the concepts on which to spend relatively more or less time reviewing based on the material he knows will be on the exam as compared with their current level of understanding.

The pass rate for his students is well over 85% and he has access to a multitude of tools that will give you the best chance to pass the test.

We believe the most efficient way to prep for financial licensing exams is to utilize a professional tutor.

Customized, 1-on-1 Guidance for Financial Licensing Exams

Ken will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you prepare for the Series 7 Exam as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

What Makes a Good Series 7 Tutor?

We emphasize comprehension rather than memorization. In order to Pass the Series 7, you need to understand the material, not memorize facts and figures; they are related but different concepts.

For additional information about the Series 7 Exam, review FINRA's Series 7 Exam Content Outline. 


We charge $99 per hour for online tutoring, and $125 per hour for in-person tutoring (only available in New York), and ask only that the minimum session length is one hour. The first hour is paid for in advance by credit card, and if that goes well, subsequent hours are generally purchaed in blocks of 10 hours (though we can be flexible on this point).

Once you request a tutor below, we'll follow up with more details and connect you with your assigned tutor.

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