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The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) degree is one of the more respected certifications in the financial services industry. CFPs have met rigorous professional standards and have agreed to adhere to key principles of integrity, objectivity, and professionalism as they advise their clients on how to organize their financial lives, plan for key milestones like college or retirement, and generally build wealth over time.

To become a CFP, you must pass an exam that tests your ability to integrate and apply a broad base of financial knowledge within real-life financial planning situations. The exam covers 8 principle areas:

  • Professional conduct and regulation
  • General financial planning principles
  • Education planning
  • Risk management and insurance planning
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement savings and income planning
  • Estate planning

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Our Approach to 1-1 CFP Tutoring

The breadth of topics covered on the CFP exam makes it a difficult exam. Less than 65% of people who sit for the exam pass it each year.

For students interested in a longer-term tutoring and mentoring relationship to help them prepare for the CFP, the first session is diagnostic in nature and involves a discussion of the student’s familiarity with the exam and the concepts and question types covered, academic experiences in core subject areas tested, and an overview of each of the CFP’s eight principle content areas mentioned above. During or immediately after the initial session, a customized study plan is designed. Weekly (or at whatever cadence makes sense) sessions cover facts, concepts, and test taking strategies for each section of the CFP.  

In designing study plans, our CFP tutors can generally work with whatever materials you have invested in, as most students have joined a prep course of some kind. However, we recommend these comprehensive CFP prep materials from Wiley and of course would incorporate the official full length CFP practice exam into your preparation process.

We conduct most of our CFP tutoring online using a simple but highly effective approach that combines an online whiteboard from Realtime Whiteboard with a Google Hangout session. After each session, we can generate a PDF of the whiteboard used, which can be an invaluable source of notes. You also have the option of recording the session for later review.

Experienced CFP Coaches

Here is an example of one of our experienced CFP tutors:

  • Undergraduate degree from IIT - India
  • MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Management (a very highly ranked international MBA program)
  • CFA and CFP designations
  • Professional experience has spanned corporate finance, hedge fund strategy, investment research
  • Currently owns and operates a boutique private wealth management firm
  • Active tutor of CFA and CFP students with a current roster of students

CFP Tutoring Rates

Our base rate for private online CFP tutoring is between $90 and $175, depending on tutor availability, but we also offer 5, 10, or 15 hour packages which come with discounts of 5, 10, or 15%.  We realize private CFP tutoring from MyGuru is not an inexpensive proposition, but we believe the value of having an expert guide you through the CFP preparation process, including the time you save from not studying the wrong thing or studying the right thing inefficiently, easily supports your investment in a in-person or online CFP tutor.

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