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There are many qualifications needed to pursue a career in the securities industry. One of the first you’ll have to contend with is the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam. While there are other, more specialized exams individuals take, the SIE remains the foundational standardized test if you’re looking to work in this industry. At MyGuru, we recognize the importance of scoring well on the SIE exam for anyone looking to kickstart a securities career.

The SIE is designed and administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). While other standardized tests evaluate applicants’ or English and mathematics skills, the SIE is a highly knowledge-oriented exam. The SIE tests aspiring securities industry professionals on their knowledge of such fundamental concepts as securities products, risks, the industry market structure, regulatory agencies, and legally prohibited practices.

Still, there are specific skills you can cultivate in order to excel on the SIE, including analytical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, quantitative skills, reading comprehension, ethical judgment, and more. A skilled tutor can help you to enhance these skills and to employ them on the SIE. Additionally, an expert tutor like those we employ at MyGuru can help you to drill down on the specific knowledge you’ll need for the exam, and they can work with you to design and execute a customized study plan.

The MyGuru Edge for SIE Prep

While many students may take the same standardized test, there’s no such thing as a standardized student. MyGuru SIE tutors specialize in providing personally tailored test prep guidance that will help you maximize your scoring potential. Our SIE tutors not only offer expertise about the exam, but also about education and test prep. This means they can work with you to build a uniquely targeted study plan with a personalized learning approach that will help you identify and achieve your personal scoring goals. 

MyGuru offers SIE tutoring utilizing interactive online whiteboarding tools that require nothing more than an internet-connected computer, microphone, and camera. Our sessions feature both live practice problems and a thorough review of the SIE exam's subject matter, providing a parallel approach that equips you with strategies for tackling future problems to ensure you're well-prepared for exam day.

After each session, the notes created on the whiteboard are available as static PDFs or saved on a private-access whiteboard for ongoing reference and interaction between live lessons. These notes become a personalized supplementary “textbook” tailored to your specific lesson plan and learning preferences, offering a unique and customized review resource that enhances your learning experience far beyond what our competitors can provide.

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Request a SIE Tutor

Customized SIE Study

Selecting the right SIE tutor is a critical decision and represents a significant investment. To help make an informed choice, MyGuru offers a complimentary 15-minute introductory videoconference with any of our SIE instructors. This session allows you to evaluate the best approach for your SIE preparation and career goals. While phone calls are an option, a videoconference is preferred as it better demonstrates what sets MyGuru apart from other SIE prep companies.

While we primarily work with individuals, MyGuru has also provided enterprise-wide customized SIE exam tutoring to publicly traded, private, and non-profit organizations, including:
  • The #1 and #3 (based on revenue) life insurance companies in the United States
  • A midsized provider of retirement plans, annuities, and employee benefits with 1,250 employees
  • A major university workforce development program

During your introductory videoconference, you will:

  • Test our live screen-sharing with an experienced MyGuru SIE instructor to experience the functionality of our dynamic whiteboarding tool and understand the differences between our standard and premium tutoring services
  • Explore a customized SIE study schedule and supplementary prep materials, including carefully selected homework assignments and study plans to support your ongoing learning
  • Discuss your background with the SIE exam or other standardized tests you’ve taken or plan to take, helping the tutor understand your specific needs
  • Engage in an introductory conversation with a potential SIE tutor to ensure a good personality match and determine if the tutor is well-suited to guide your SIE preparation journey

SIE Tutoring Pricing & Package Options

At MyGuru, we strongly believe in maximizing the client’s return on investment, and we do not require any long-term commitment to start your SIE prep beyond the purchase of a single hour of instruction. However, we do offer multiple different tiers of instruction and packages hours, so you can choose the best option for your needs. At each level, MyGuru students have not only achieved a passing score (of 70 out of 100) in order to qualify for a career in the securities industry, but have achieved exceptional results enabling them to land lucrative jobs with top employers. Many of our students go on to pass additional FINRA exams beyond the SIE.

  • Standard Online | $130 per hour | $600 for 5 hours | $1,400 for 12 hours | $2,700 for 24 hours
    MyGuru's Standard Online SIE tutoring is our most economical choice, offering significant savings compared to similar services from other tutoring competitors. This service is tailored to each student's unique needs by pairing them with an instructor who has extensive CPA tutoring experience. Additionally, all Standard Online students receive a PDF of the whiteboard notes from each session via email within 24 hours, providing continuous support for their learning between sessions.
  • Premium Online | $200 per hour | $900 for 5 hours | $2,100 for 12 hours | $4,000 for 24 hours
    MyGuru's Premium Online CPA tutoring option delivers the highest value, offering complete audio, video, and whiteboard recordings of every session, accessible for up to three months after the final lesson. This premium service includes access to a private interactive whiteboard, enabling students to apply strategies live during lessons and post questions or comments between sessions. MyGuru tutors monitor the board daily and respond promptly to students' needs, ensuring a thorough and interactive learning experience.
  • Expert Edge Online | $250 per hour | $1,125 for 5 hours | $2,600 for 12 hours | $5,000 for 24 hours
    If you’re seeking large score improvements or top decile results, you should consider Expert Edge Online tutoring with Bill Stamaton, our resident SIE expert. Bill has drawn from his industry experience and his educational expertise to help thousands of students pass the SIE and other FINRA exams, and he’s continued to coach them as they’ve pursued lucrative positions with top financial firms.

Our packages are designed with flexibility in mind to facilitate regular lessons of 60, 90 (most common), or 120 minutes depending on student availability and preference. Once a package of time is purchased, the cost for any additional time will remain at the prorated hourly package rate. We also refund unused hours minus a 5% processing fee and consider time unused provided at least 24-hour notice is given prior to a lesson for any reschedule or cancellation request.

Although it isn't recommended for the computer-administrated SIE exam and lacks the dynamic features of our online tutoring, in-person instruction is available in many major US cities upon request, at the same prices as our Premium Online instruction, pending tutor availability.

Your SIE Tutoring Guru

MyGuru’s SIE tutoring team is led by Bill Stamaton. While some tutors offer extensive industry experience but little tutoring experience, and others offer a long tutoring history with no hands-on experience, Bill is unique for the depth of experience he has both in the financial services industry and as a FINRA exam tutor. Bill began his career working as an account executive at Morgan Stanley, and he currently serves as a Compliance Principle for Allstate, where he’s worked for nearly 30 years.

Along the way, he has helped thousands of students follow in his footsteps by passing the SIE and other FINRA exams, specializing in the areas of Options and Margin. His personal experience in the financial services industry gives Bill an edge when it comes to helping students learn the material. He doesn’t simply know the theories—he also knows how real financial professionals apply these concepts every day. And he knows how to personalize this knowledge for every student, by working to understand their specific needs so he can provide a comprehensive plan and the support you need to execute it.

In addition to passing the SIE exam, Bill has passed the Series 7, 9, 10, 24, 62, and 65 exams. He has also successfully acquired many additional certifications, including Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, Chartered Advisor for Senior Living, Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and Accredited Retirement Plan Consultant. He loves nothing more than empowering students to succeed, so they can pursue their financial dreams.

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SIE Exam Overview

Who Should Take the SIE

College students considering finance careers after graduation

Professionals seeking to transition to the finance industry

Non-customer facing financial services employees seeking pursue client relations or compliance roles

Exam Content

Duration: 1h45m
Number of Questions: 75
Format: Multiple Choice

Knowledge of Capital Markets (12 Questions)
Understanding Products and
Their Risks (33 Questions)
Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activities (23 Questions)
Overview of Regulatory Framework
(7 Questions)

Scoring the Exam

The SIE provides a single score ranging from 0-100.

Your score is simply the percentage of the test’s 75 questions that you answer correctly.

You must answer at least 53 questions correctly to obtain a passing score of 70 or above.

Why Take the SIE Exam?

Positions in the securities industry include financial advisors, brokers, investment bankers, and more. Other roles in financial firms may require the SIE exam even if they don’t deal directly with securities, including compliance officers, operations professionals, and sales assistants. All these positions can be highly lucrative—and challenging. Performing well on the SIE demonstrates to employers that you’re knowledgeable and skillful enough to work as a securities professional.

In an increasingly competitive employment landscape, having passed the SIE can help you stand out among other applicants in the eyes of employers. It demonstrates that you have taken the initiative to prepare for the exam and a financial career on your own. It also demonstrates the seriousness of your intention to work in finance and securities. Additionally, the test isn’t just a meaningless technical certification—it actually assesses whether you possess the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the industry. For example, an understanding of securities products, market structures, and regulatory requirements is crucial if you’re going to pursue a securities career.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking for advancement, or possibly trying to break into a new field or role, you may also be interested in taking more specialized FINRA-administered securities exams, such as the Series 7 or Series 63. Investing in expert-driven test prep for the SIE exam will also help you prepare for these additional exams, thereby raising the ceiling on your career and earning potential.

While many other exams require sponsorship from a FINRA-member firm for applicants to even qualify for the test, the SIE requires no such sponsorship. This means that it is a more accessible barrier to entry for individuals who aren’t already working in the finance industry. However, it also means that many people who take the SIE may not have firsthand experience of the securities industry. That makes it all the more important to do everything you can to empower your test prep.

Proven SIE Study Strategies

Preparing for the SIE exam is a lot like training for a marathon. We recommend that you begin by committing to 1-2 hours of dedicated daily practice for a minimum period of six weeks. Start with the best resources available from FINRA, the organization that administers the SIE. Take a free diagnostic exam to determine your baseline score, understand how far you need to go to reach your goal, and identify which topics to prioritize in your studies.

Next, obtain a package of online problems for regular drills. Each practice set should be thoroughly self-reviewed to maximize your learning. Be sure to take a break between completing the practice and reviewing your answers. This helps you avoid simply accepting the explanations and encourages you to critically assess why your answer was incorrect and why the correct answer is right.

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SIE Tutoring

As you probably know, working in the securities industry requires passing a series of qualification exams administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The first such exam is the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) exam (depending on your career path, the Series 7 exam or the Series 65 exam typically follow). Our FINRA exam tutoring approach involves upfront diagnosis of your knowledge base relative to what is tested on the, in this case SIE exam, and the development of a customized study plan that you'd work through with your SIE tutor.

Experienced SIE tutors

Richard is one of our most experienced SIE tutors. His background includes:

  • BA in English from Arizona State
  • Certificate in Financial Planning
  • FINRA Series 7 – 92%, FINRA Series 63, 85%
  • Rep for a leading discount/online brokerage for 8 years
  • Deep experience as an online FINRA exam tutor for the Series 6, 63, 7, and for the past year, the SIE exam
  • Currently an SIE instructor for a large in-person course as well as an online SIE tutor
  • Has an excellent capacity for making difficult concepts clear, and for translating  "financialese" into English

Pricing for SIE Tutoring

We primarily provide online SIE tutoring at a base rate of $99 per hour. We then  offer 5, 10, or 15% discounts for investing in 5, 10, or 15 hours in advance. If you are interested in learning more about how an SIE exam tutor might help you, please fill out the form on the right.

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