Health Professions and Pre-Med Tutoring

We have substantial experience tutoring undergraduates working towards careers in healthcare (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, dental, or medicine, etc.). Our tutors are familiar with most of the courses that aspiring nurses, pharmacists, and doctors must take, such as:

Here’s an overview of one of our most experienced pre-med and pre-healthcare tutors in Chicago, Ross:

  • BA in Psychology from UCLA
  • Pre-med post baccalaureate from Milles College
  • SAT: 2130 MCAT: 520
  • Calculus 1 and Biology tutor at Mills College
  • Teaching Assistant for Biology at Mills College
  • Taught English in Korea in 2013-2014
  • Developed context for and lead small group online MCAT course for MyGuru in 2018
  • Former teacher who returned to school to study health sciences and pursue a career as a doctor
  • Several years of private math, science, and MCAT tutoring and test prep

We have pre-med tutors available in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Houston, and several other cities. We also offer pre-med tutoring using a simple yet highly effective online tutoring system that produces a PDF of the notes from the electronic whiteboard after each session.

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