Physics and Engineering Tutoring

Both our physics tutors and engineering tutors are extremely experienced.  And, like all of our tutors, they combine this experience with impressive academic backgrounds, a passion for teaching, and strong interpersonal and communication skills.  Some of our tutors enjoy working with high school level material, while others prefer to help individuals working on advanced graduate level material – we’ll connect you with a tutor that best fits your needs.

We combine Physics and Engineering into one area when organizing our tutoring team, because most of our best physics and engineering tutors can handle all high school and many college level physics and engineering classes.  That said, when you get into very advanced undergraduate or graduate level coursework, we’d connect you with a tutor that has specific expertise in your academic area, be it graduate level electrical engineering or quantum physics.

Here’s an overview of one of our top physics tutors, James R:

  • BA Physics, Cornell University
  • BA Philosophy, Cornell University
  • PhD Physics, University of Chicago
  • Professional math and physics tutor for over ten years – this is what he does full time
  • Has worked with middle school through PhD level students in all math and physics classes

Over the past several years, we’ve helped physics students succeed in:

  • General high school physics and AP physics
  • General college physics courses
  • Advance college physics courses (e.g., statistical mechanics)
  • Highly specialized courses, such as quantum chemistry (e.g., quantum mechanics, Schrodinger equation, quantum postulates, etc.)

We also work with tutors who focus specifically on engineering tutoring, like Mo:

  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
  • MS Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • PhD Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Official tutor for Northwestern University’s athletic department, covering all math, science, and engineering courses
  • 5+ years of private tutoring experience

Over the past several years, MyGuru has helped future engineers succeed in classes related to:

  • Mathematics for engineers: linear algebra and differential equations
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering

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