Improving Academic Performance

How to Improve Math Grades through Mindset

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on May 12, 2021 3:11:20 PM CDT

Many people continue to believe that you are either a math person, destined to be able to do math easily, or you’re not. If you’re not, math classes will always be hard, and you’ll never be comfortable with numbers and calculations. This type of thinking is seriously misguided, and really sends the wrong message to any student that is exposed to this idea.

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5 Keys to Effective Online Calculus Tutoring

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on March 27, 2013 12:10:00 PM CDT

Sam Ribnick is an online MyGuru tutor for calculus and physics. He attended MIT where he received a Bachelor of Science in Physics, and is a high school physics teacher in Boston Public Schools. He has tutored students online and in person on subjects including AP calculus, AP and IB physics, multi-variable calculus and introductory college physics.

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