Improving Academic Performance

In New Partnership, MyGuru to help Elite Illinois Ice Hockey Players with Tutoring & Test Prep Services

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Fri, Aug 06, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

As CYA’s Official Academic Partner, MyGuru has agreed to provide discounted tutoring and test prep services to CYA players, families, and friends. MyGuru’s tutors will also be able to travel directly to the rink to work with players before or after practice, if that’s most convenient for them. For high school sophomores and juniors, 1-1 or small group ACT & SAT prep sessions will be available. To learn more about MyGuru LLC, please visit, email, or call 312-278-0321.


CYA has just announced a partnership with MyGuru LLC, a local provider of 1-1 & small group tutoring & test prep services

MyGuru LLC has just signed an agreement with CYA to be its Official Academic Partner, enabling it to provide discounted, on-demand, in-person, 1-1 tutoring and test prep services to all CYA players and families.

With the 2010 season set to begin, the partnership recognizes the academic requirements surrounding the main goal of most CYA players - a scholarship from an elite college.

Tier 1 AAA Hockey & Academics

It can be difficult to maintain proper focus on academics when playing a sport at an elite level –

Still, AAA hockey players generally have a singular focus – obtaining a college scholarship. This always requires a minimum ACT score, but many colleges, including all Ivy League schools and Northwestern University, actually require scholarship athletes to meet the same, rigorous academic standards (i.e., grades and test scores) as general applicants.

In addition, the jump many CYA players make after Midget AAA hockey can obscure the importance of academics. For most players, the next step towards a college scholarship is not college itself, but Junior hockey. If their time in Juniors goes well, it is 2-3 years later that many players finally enter college on scholarship.

However, the academic performance required to obtain a college scholarship is not the issue that some who’ve been involved in elite youth hockey view as most important. It’s the question of what happens if the scholarship doesn’t eventually come.

The issue is that, even for the top players in Midget AAA hockey, there ultimately aren’t that many scholarships to go around after Juniors. Some players will need to fall back purely on academics to gain admission into their college of choice. Furthermore, some of the best non-scholarship college “club” hockey teams, which do provide a level of hockey that can be similar to Midget AAA, Junior B or A, or even Division III (e.g., like Indiana or Illinois in the Big Ten), have relatively stringent admissions criteria.