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MyGuru Joins Forces with Two Expert Tutors for the GMAT, GRE, & LSAT

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Tue, Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:32 AM

MyGuru has recently brought two exceptional test prep instructors onto its team:

John Easter, Indiana University, B.S. in Mathematics and French & M.S. Candidate in Mathematics at University of Illinois at Chicago

John Easter attended Indiana University, where he majored in French Composition and Mathematics.  While at UI, he tutored privately, and even founded a tutoring agency of his own specifically designed to help freshman and sophomore students struggling to pass the math classes required for entrance into the business school at Indiana.

John is currently a master’s degree candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, studying mathematics.  He has tutored dozens of students privately over the years.

While he is more than qualified to tutor or teach both Mathematics and French, John is an expert at helping students with the GRE and GMAT.  In fact, John scored a 760 on his GMAT, which places him in the top 1% of all GMAT test takers.

David Yi, Middlebury College, B.A. in Political Science & JD candidate from the University of Chicago

David Yi is our newest LSAT tutor.  He is attending the University of Chicago for a JD degree, after attending Middlebury College in Vermont and majoring in Political Science.

After graduating from Middlebury, David spend several years overseas with the Peace Corps, where he ended up taking the LSAT, and earning a perfect score.  Upon finding he had a knack for the LSAT, be began tutoring privately, and eventually signed on with a major test prep provider.

Over time, he became an instructor of other LSAT instructors, helping prepare others to teach the LSAT.  In the past few years, David has been developing his own private LSAT test prep materials.  He also recently graduated from the University of Chicago with his JD.

John and David provide excellent examples of the type of tutors we regularly bring onto the MyGuru team.  These are tutors with exceptional credentials - tutors who would be considered “expert level” and billed out at hundreds of dollars per hour at the major test prep firms (e.g., Kaplan and Princeton Review).

However, because these tutors believe in what MyGuru seeks to represent, a unique mix between high quality but high priced national test prep firms and the low cost but uncertain quality of individual tutors found on “tutor matching” sites like Craig’s List, John and David are passionate about working with MyGuru’s results-focused students.

To learn more about David, John, or MyGuru, call us at 312-278-0321.