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Breaking Down the LSAT: Logical Reasoning

The LSAT’s Logical Reasoning is all about arguments and the test taker’s ability to evaluate them.  You’ll be given a short passage and a question stem.  It’s your job to select the right answer from five possibilities.

Law school students and lawyers make, evaluate, deconstruct, and refute arguments.  The LSAT’s Logical Reasoning is your introduction to this usage of critical thinking skills.  With time and practice, you will learn to identify and understand arguments, evidence, and conclusions.

Specifically, you will have questions about inferences which logically follow a passage:

Timing on the LSAT

You Must Time Yourself When Preparing for the LSAT. It’s one thing to peruse sample LSAT questions at your leisure. It’s quite another to take a test under the ridiculously strict time constraints. In fact, I would say the single most important preparation tool is to take sample tests under timed conditions.

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