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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Review Series: Degree Analogies

Posted by Jordan Salley on April 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

In this continuation of our MAT review video series, we approach working through a standard MAT style analogy that focuses on words that are lesser or greater than their counterparts. 

This video provides an approach to degree analogies where terms are compared based on their relationship. These terms typically are related by a lesser or greater degree than the other term. These questions require a systematic approach and can be challenging. We recommend that you watch this video a couple of times in order to hone your approach to these question types.

Key pointers from this video:  

  1. Identify the pivot term, which is the term prior to the blank. Recall A: B :: C : D
  2. Always relate the term analogy from left to right in order to avoid unintentional reversals in the analogy.
    For example, from the problem in the video, dislike is a lesser form of loathe.
  3. Define the meaning of the relational word for the question (in this problem this is term D).
  4. Apply the order of relations in the same direction (left to right).
  5. Eliminate answer choices that relate to the analogy that is provided or are not analogous to the part of speech on the relational word (term D).
  6. Lastly, consider whether the term should have positive or negative connotation.

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