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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Review Series: Action Analogies

In this continuation of our MAT review video series, we approach working through a standard MAT style analogy that focuses on words that are action oriented. 

In preparing for the MAT, the action analogy requires specificity. While many students will encounter terms that are unfamiliar, there are ways to diligently break down the question and answer in order to increase the likelihood of reaching a correct answer.

Key pointers from this video:  

  1. Identify the pivot term (look for the blank term). Recall A: B :: C : D. Recall that B and C do not have a relationship.
  2. In general, the MAT relates the familiar to the unfamiliar.
  3. Break apart words and define the roots of the word if you can.
  4. In your preparation for the MAT, prioritize flashcards for any practice problem terms to build your vocabulary. This includes a definition, synonyms, and roots and affixes. Add terms you encounter on practice problems to your flashcards.
  5. Eliminate answers that apply to the wrong or other analogy.
  6. If you still cannot identify the correct answer, try to find relational terms that would apply to the answers you have remaining.

About the Author

Jordan Salley is a senior test prep tutor for MyGuru. For more information on MAT prep, our unique approach, and our tutors, visit us here

This video was produced by MyGuru's Director of Online Instruction and expert online test prep tutor Stefan Maisnier. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos like this one.