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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Review Series: Specific Content Analogies

Posted by Jordan Salley on May 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM CDT

In this continuation of our MAT review video series, we approach working through a standard MAT style analogy that focuses on words that require specific content knowledge. 

This video covers questions with specific content on the MAT. There are questions which will require additional background or contextual information the MAT. It is unlikely that students will have a grasp on all facts needed to complete these analogies, so it is essential to maintain good test taking skills to approach these questions. See below for our approach to questions with specific content.

Key pointers from this video:  

  1. Identify the pivot term. Recall A: B :: C : D.
  2. Define the meaning and relationships for the provided terms.
    E.g. Revelation is the final book in the Bible. The question then becomes, what is the final book of the Torah? 
  1. If you have no way to differentiate between choices – always guess and answer the question.
  2. Guess quickly to preserve time for other questions, recall you have approximately 30 seconds per question on average and at maximum 60 seconds.

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This video was produced by MyGuru's Director of Online Instruction and expert online test prep tutor Stefan Maisnier. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos like this one.

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