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MBA vs MiM: The 11 differences that matter

Posted by Lisa Alvarado on Fri, Dec 09, 2016 @ 04:01 PM

For years the MBA has built up its reputation as the go to degree for individuals wanting to make a move into the management field.

What's more, it has fared exceptionally well by equipping various graduates with skills to move forward and enter prestigious positions in MNC's or create organizations of their own.

However, with all the rewards that accompany an MBA, it’s a well-known fact that top schools are extremely choosy and applicants need to meet several prerequisites to meet selection standards.

One such pre-imperative is the work experience required.

With the average age of applicants around 27-28 years, one can't consider taking up this degree before he has 4-5 years of experience securely added to his profile.

This race to gain significant work experience is especially troublesome for people who know they want to change to a  management role however to get to there, struggle to collect those lucrative years of work experience, at times in deadlocked occupations.

But times are changing.

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