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6 Reasons SAT Tutoring Can Increase Your SAT Score

increasing sat score tutoringPrepping for the SAT is like taking a trip. You want the journey to be safe, to be as pleasant as possible, and to bring you to your intended destination. Making the journey certainly doesn't have to be a drag. In fact, it can be kind of exciting when you see that you're making good progress, and extra exciting when your SAT score reflects the progress you've made. A tutor is like a guide who knows the territory your trip will cover and can help you get to your destination smoothly, avoiding dangers and wrong turns. Here are 6 reasons why a tutor can make your test prep a better experience and help you raise your SAT score:

Reason #1

The SAT takes familiar things and presents them in unfamiliar ways. If you're not aware of the SAT's somewhat unconventional approach to subject matter, you can fall far short of your potential on the SAT. Even if you have excellent algebra skills, for example, you may find yourself at a loss when the SAT asks an algebra question which sounds nothing like what your math teachers taught you in class. However, once you see the basic idea behind the SAT's question, you'll see the connections to what you have learned in school, and finding the answer may seem quite easy. A tutor can help you to take things you already know, and see them from the SAT's point of view.

Reason #2

In addition to helping you leverage the knowledge you already have, your tutor can help you to learn any new things you need to know to succeed on the SAT. A tutor can methodically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, find any critical gaps in your knowledge, and help you get up to speed in the areas where you're not quite as strong.

Reason #3

A tutor can make you more efficient. When solving problems and answering questions on the SAT, it's not necessary to follow the same processes you would in school. Your tutor can show you shortcuts, alternate techniques, and simplified strategies for narrowing the choices down to the correct answer quickly and without excess effort. Once you streamline and simplify the thought process you use to find solutions and answers, the test won't seem like such a draining ordeal.

Reason #4

Meeting with a tutor on a regular basis promotes focus and commitment. You know that doing your best on the SAT is important, but actually working with a tutor helps to reinforce how important the goal is and to keep you on track from week to week.

Reason #5

Encouragement. If getting ready for the SAT has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, your tutor can help ease the pressure. Knowing that you don't have to do everything on your own can work wonders for your confidence level.

Reason #6

Customized support. Every individual is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to test prep that works best for everyone. Working with a tutor on a one-to-one basis is probably the best way to ensure that you get exactly the right help you need to get ready for the SAT.

Good luck on your journey to SAT success!


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