Every high schooler has a ton of responsibilities inside and outside of class, and we have gurus available to help every step of the way. Our high school tutors and college admissions experts have at least five years of experience and most possess an advanced degree, so they can rely on their own wealth of knowledge to help make sense of complex content areas or standardized admissions exams such as the SAT or ACT. Using this MyGuru edge allows students to get the most out of any textbook or test preparation materials they've been using to date or to get pointed to alternative materials and approaches to maximize performance in class or on a college application.

We always work to match students with in-person gurus when requested, provided one is available locally. However, we also encourage all students to consider virtual instruction - especially for the newly digital SAT and ACT. Our dynamic online tutoring approach combines live videoconferencing and an interactive whiteboard to provide valuable learning resources, such as the instructor's whiteboard notes and optional session recordings, that help students retain information after live lessons and are not available in person.

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