Enhanced GMAT Tutoring

Enhanced GMAT tutoring from MyGuru connects you with our most experienced and effective tutor for customized in-person GMAT tutoring in Chicago. It is also available online.

With our enhanced GMAT tutoring offer, we leverage The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 Bundle (Official Guide + Verbal Guide + Quantitative Guide), which we ask you to purchase at the beginning of the relationship (we can also coordinate to send it to you at cost).

Then, in addition to pairing you with our most experienced GMAT tutor, John, we provide access to:

  • A range of proprietary GMAT practice problems and concept reviews that John has developed based on his in-depth reviews of materials provided by GMAC.org, Manhattan GMAT, Magoosh, and many other popular instructional materials. He’s tried to take the best of what’s already out there and selectively build on it.
  • 15 minutes of “offline” Q&A from John for every hour that you work with him. If you have a question and don’t want to wait until your next session, he can answer you via email or set up a quick Skype session to review it.
  • A copy of MyGuru’s new book, Plan, Prepare & Perform: A Strategic Approach to Test Prep Fueled by Expert Tutor Insights and Scientific Research on How We Learn
  • A free business school application strategy session from a MyGuru admissions partner

MyGuru works with students both in-person and online via WebEx.

Our Core Beliefs about Studying for the GMAT

  • Group classes provide little new info that isn’t contained in self-study materials available at local book stores
  • Private, customized tutoring provides a superior method of instruction, making possible continuous, targeted improvement
  • The large well-branded test prep firms have made 1-on-1 test prep virtually unaffordable

Expert 1-on-1 Instruction from our most experienced GMAT tutor

Enhanced GMAT tutoring is delivered by a true GMAT expert. Here is some background on John:

  • Degrees in English and Math from Indiana University; D candidate in Math at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Scored in the 99% percentile (770) on the GMAT
  • Worked with 75+ students on GMAT prep with solid results (his most recent student increased score from 630 to 710)
  • Experience as a GMAT instructor with three major national test prep firms
  • The tutor behind most of our GMAT-related Yelp reviews
  • One of the most active contributors to the Beat the GMAT forums

Your tutor will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you prepare for the GMAT as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Our main goal is obviously for your tutor to help you master the content and get as close to an 800 GMAT score as possible, but we also find our tutors becoming mentors and general guides as students embark upon the process of studying for the GMAT and preparing their business school applications.

Pricing for Enchanced GMAT Tutoring

Regular GMAT tutoring from MyGuru is $95 per hour, with 5, 10, or 15% discounts for investing in 5, 10, or 15 hours in advance. Enhanced GMAT tutoring is available in the following package options:

In-person, available at the Sulzer Regional Library in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago
  • 5 hours for $700.00
  • 10 hours for $1,250.00
  • 15 hours for $1,650.00

Online, conducted via Skype with virtual whiteboard

  • 5 hours for $560.00
  • 10 hours for $1,000.00
  • 15 hours for $1,320.00

Whether you are considering an in-person or online enhanced GMAT tutoring package, the first session is diagnostic, costs $100, and lasts for ~ one hour.

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