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A Recipe for GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice

gmat reding comprehension

When we’re helping students prepare for the GMAT, we tend to find that the most stressed out students are those that are really struggling with the quant section. But paradoxically, those that are truly lacking math skills can be the easiest students to help. Why?

Key GMAT Sentence Correction Concepts: Diction


Key GMAT Sentence Correction Concepts: Subject-Verb Agreement

gmat verbal test

Sentence Correction is the only part of the GMAT Verbal section where you can truly acquire new skills and knowledge to improve your score.

The Only Way to Boost Your GMAT Verbal Score

Reading for the GMAT

Simply put, the only want to boost your GMAT verbal score is to read more (of basically anything, including novels), read more intentionally and actively, and then practice lots of GMAT reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning questions.  Of course, there are some specific strategies to employ for each of the GMAT verbal question types, but simply engaging in more reading is most of the battle.

Follow 3 Principles To Improve Your GMAT Score

Building GMAT knowledge.

Improving your academic performance, and really any type of performance (i.e., athletic, musical, professional, personal – you name it), is a function of following three important principles:

GMAT vs. GRE: Side-by-Side Comparison

Magoosh GRE vs GMAT Infographic

More and more business schools allow you to choose whether to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) vs Graduate Managment Admissions Test (GMAT) for your application.  It’s true, and, it means that you have some decisions to make.

Beyond the GMAT: Unique MBA Admissions Consulting

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At MyGuru, we offer experienced, 99th percentile scoring GMAT tutors with impressive academic backgrounds and  proven track records of helping students improve their GMAT scores - at an affordable price.  We’ve are building an increasingly deep partnership with an admissions consulting firm with a similar philosophy, as applied to the world of business school admissions (and other types of graduate programs) – InGenius Prep.

GMAT Testing Center Problems Explained

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So you did all of your GMAT preparation, maybe even took a GMAT course, and finally took the exam. Then at the GMAT testing center something got messed up. If so, this article is for you. You would think that it would be easy to file a complaint, but it turns out that there a couple things that you should know that aren't stated upfront on the GMAC website.

[Webinar] What’s Right with Wharton (And How to Get In)

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MyGuru wants to make its students, potential students, and friends aware of a webinar being hosted by one of our partners about how to get into one of the world's best MBA programs - The University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business.

Ask 4 Questions Before Hiring a GMAT Tutor

4 Questions to Ask of a GMAT tutor

Your GMAT score is obviously a critical component of your business school application (although, I’d argue, perhaps not as important as many people make it out to be), and most folks need to invest a significant amount of time in preparing for it.  Certain GMAT preparation approaches can work better for some people relative to others. 

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