Study Skills and Academic Support Tutoring

At MyGuru, we can help parents and student specifically looking for help building the general study, organization, and time management skills required to perform well in high school and college.

Typically, a tutoring relationship with a “study skill development” dimension as a primary goal also involves helping a student with coursework. For example, we might pair a former high school mathematics teacher with a student struggling with math, but also have that tutor focus more generally on helping the student plan ahead to allocate his time to complete homework and projects and prepare for quizzes and tests (across multiple subjects), while still engaging fully in extracurricular and other non-academic activities.

Here are some examples of “study skills and academic support" services:

  • Study skill development
  • Organization skills
  • Time management
  • Academic planning
  • General test taking strategies
  • Executive functions tutoring
  • ADHD/Autism support

Primarily for the bottom two bullets above (executive functioning and ADHD/Autism support) we work closely with Chicago Home Tutor, founded by Laura, who is a nationally certified school psychologist working in the Chicago area. She graduated Valedictorian from Truman State University with a Psychology degree and a minor in Computer Science. After college, she served as a case manager for foster children. She then completed her degree in School Psychology from Illinois State University with a 4.0 grade point average.

Laura has worked as a school psychologist, academic interventionist, special education team facilitator, Response to Intervention (RTI) team organizer, and behavioral interventionist since her graduation, working with academic and behavioral problems at every level from the general education student to special education populations.

Our tutoring process

We typically start with a free phone conversation, followed by a "diagnostic" session to understand the student's particular situation on a deep level. We then design a plan, integrated with the student's courswork in school, to help them build their skills in targeted areas.

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