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We are a leading provider of one-on-one SAT tutoring. Through our online SAT tutoring platform with no sign-in videoconferencing and a cutting-edge live whiteboard, we also offer fully recorded premium tutoring and small group online SAT instruction.

Why Hire an SAT Tutor?

An SAT tutor can function as a mentor, coach, and subject matter expert. The best SAT tutors start by diagnosing your situation, including previous test scores, time until test date, target colleges (and thus target SAT score), and then help you build a customized SAT study plan. That SAT study plan should include plenty of homework, which should include official timed SAT practice tests so you can measure your progress.

While most of what you need to know to score really well on the SAT is freely available online, an SAT coach should help you be more efficient with your time, building skills more quickly than you otherwise would. They will teach you SAT test taking strategies that help you save time on the exam itself. An SAT tutor can also help you improve your motivation. In fact, many SAT prep experts believe that motivation and attitude toward the SAT is a significant differentiator as you seek ways to excel on the exam.

Finally, it's worth noting that students seeking an average SAT score would of course benefit from an SAT coach, but not as much as students who are either a) struggling and currently scoring well below average or b) striving for a top 10% SAT score. Free online SAT prep, such as Kahn Academy SAT, and most SAT prep books and SAT courses, focus on providing content that the "average" student needs to understand and practice. But if you are scoring well below or above average, this content may not be right for you. In these cases, an SAT tutor can be an excellent option.

How Online SAT Coaching Works

Over time, we have become increasingly convinced that online SAT tutoring is the best option for most people. Video-based online meetings have begun to more closely approximate an in-person experience. So, when you consider the convenience of working with an SAT tutor online along with the ability to download a PDF of the whiteboard you've worked through together and the option to record the session for later review, the benefits begin to really outweigh the obvious negatives around not being able to physically read and react to the individual you are working with.

We believe our approach to online SAT training provides a more intuitive and personalized experience than any other SAT instruction option. After every MyGuru online session each student has a minimum of two resources to review - Official Practice Tests (we recommend the free online versions) and a digital copy of that day's whiteboard filled with study notes and SAT strategies specifically tailored to each student. Furthermore, our tutors are familiar with a multitude of available SAT prep resources, so we can curate a specific set of supplemental content and practice tailored to each student's specific needs.

  • Students only need to click a link from their SAT coach to launch a video conference where both tutor and student can react to verbal and non-verbal cues
  • All SAT test taking strategies are demonstrated exactly as they should be executed on test day by our expert tutors on the dynamic shared whiteboard
  • By using digital practice resources, our tutors can copy and paste practice content directly onto the whiteboard to annotate and provide tips just like they would on a textbook
  • Our tutors are also Analytical Writing experts who can provide tips for the optional SAT writing section

In our view, online GRE tutoring isn't just comparable to face-to-face tutoring, it's better.

SAT Tutoring Rates and Coaching Options

Our in-person SAT tutoring is offered in a growing number of cities (including New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis) because we do recognize that some students simply prefer to meet a tutor locally. However, we do generally recommend online tutoring because it offers improved instructional functionality and convenience for both students and tutors.

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For students seeking a truly immersive learning experience, our premium online tutoring offers full session recording and 24/7 access to a private whiteboard where students can leave notes and interact with their SAT coach between lessons.

Discounts of greater than 15% off our base hourly rates are available for investing in packages of 10, 20, or 40 hours of instruction. We also offer a free no-commitment introductory phone call or videoconference with your likely tutor to share details on your situation and ask questions.

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Professional SAT Tutors

We believe that we have the best SAT tutors around. Much of our online and Boston in-person SAT tutoring is delivered by Steve M. whose background includes:

  • B.A. in Political Science, University of Rochester, M.A. Archaeology, Durham University, United Kingdom, Ph.D. Archaeology, University College London, Postdoc in Archaeology at the Spanish National Research Council 
  • 98th percentile or better scores on the SAT & ACT
  • Tutored a variety of subjects for over 12 years, both independently and with firms including Kaplan, Summit Educational Group, and Chyten
  • Tutoring style emphasizes creative and critical thinking

Our tutors assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you reach your target score on the GRE as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please feel free to explore additional profiles of other online SAT tutors.

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