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Developing a Customized Study Plan

Posted by Morgan Bisset on Thu, Jun 12, 2014 @ 08:06 AM

In the fourth episode of our podcast, MyGuru founder Mark Skoskiewicz interviews Mike Zilis, a political science professor at DePaul University. In this podcast episode, Zilis discusses the importance of creating a customized study plan to improve academic performance.

Key Insight from Podcast #4

Every customized study plan should include three components: concepts, mindset, and explicit preparation for test day.

When most people study for a test, they simply focus on learning the concepts that are likely to be tested. However, people often forget that their generalmindset and confidence level and ability to execute to the best of their ability under pressure can be just as important in determining their test scores.

Successful students tend to be realistic optimists. They recognize their weaknesses, but they are still confident that they can improve their scores as long as they put in the work.

It is also important to prepare for test day itself. Taking a standardized test can be a high-pressure situation, and everyone handles this pressure differently.With practice, you become more comfortable performing under pressure.  So, it is important to take timed practice tests before test day.  This type of practice will help you build confidence. In addition, it will actually make you better at actually taking the test, as opposed to just doing individual problems.

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