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How to Build Your Math Muscle: Tips for Improving Your Math Skills

Posted by Morgan Bisset on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 08:04 AM

In the third episode of our new podcast, MyGuru founder Mark Skoskiewicz interviews Kevin Rocci, an educator and test prep expert from Magoosh. This podcast, aimed at people who feel like they aren’t good at math, gives some sound advice for how to improve your math skills.

Key Insights from Podcast #3

1.     With practice, anyone can be good at math.

Many people believe that some people are inherently good at math, while others are not. The truth is, anyone can be good at math. Math ability is similar to weight-lifting – over time, with practice, you can build your skills and improve your performance.

One way to get better at math is to push yourself to do more mental math. For instance, when you’re at a restaurant, try calculating the tip in your head instead of using the calculator on your phone. People who feel comfortable with math tend to do these types of mental calculations frequently.

2.     There are multiple levels of understanding.

Most people think of understanding as black and white – you either understand something, or you don’t. Instead, Magoosh describes understanding as a gradual process consisting of incremental levels. These levels range from Level 0 (you don’t understand something at all) to Level 6 (you understand something well enough to explain it to someone else).

If you see understanding as having different levels, you can better recognize when you’re making subtle progress. You can also recognize when you may have more work to do; if you think you understand something, but you can’t explain it to someone else, you may not fully understand it.

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