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Dave Landry, Jr.

Dave Landry, Jr. is a personal finance manager and education counselor who is passionate about helping people understand the ups and downs of education now-a-days and money matters. Whether he’s blogging or working with clients in person, Dave loves to share his wealth of educational expertise.

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How to Improve Reading and Writing Skills with these Easy Steps

Posted by Dave Landry, Jr. on Mon, Feb 20, 2017 @ 08:42 PM

Reading and writing are two skillsets that are imperative in school. Any successful student will tell you that both reading and writing are keys to improving grades and learning. You cannot be successful in school without reading and writing. Fortunately, these are two highly valuable skills that can also be easily improved. However, keep in mind that to get better at anything you must be dedicated to practicing regularly, the same goes for reading and writing.  Here are some easy ways to improve your reading and writing skills to help you become a successful student. 

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