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Gaurav Dubey

Gaurav earned a Bachelors in Biology and Philosophy with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Miami. He also holds a Masters in Biotechnology from Rush University. Gaurav is a passionate scientist and educator who specializes in tutoring STEM subjects and test prep.

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Mastering Your MCAT: Prep Consistency is Key

Posted by Gaurav Dubey on Wed, Jan 11, 2017 @ 18:01 PM

In my years as a scientist, I have found that in a world as diverse and unpredictable as our own, it is paramount to remain consistent in the ways we study the world and conduct experiments. Good studies need to have control groups that do not receive treatment and reflect the status quo. Likewise, when preparing to battle the beast that is the MCAT, consistency is key. While the ideas below are broadly relevant to any type of standardized exam, they are particularly important when preparing for the MCAT. Why? Because the MCAT requires memorization of so many facts across multiple subject areas, understanding of a broad range of concepts, and the ability to focus to apply these facts and concepts to correctly answer difficult questions. The GMAT by contrast, a test taken for admission to graduate business school, requires absolutely no knowledge of business subjects at all.

Here are a few factors to consider keeping consistent when preparing for the MCAT.

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