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Use a Standard Approach to Conquer GRE Quantitative Comparisons

One of the first thoughts that befuddles many potential GRE students is – How exactly do these Quantitative Comparisons work? This is the subject of today’s video tutorial with our Director of Online Tutoring – Stefan Maisnier.

The most important thing to understand about so-called Quant Comps is that although the quantities may change, the answer choices never do. So, for the first eight or nine questions of every Quantitative section the note taking format and process for working through the problem remain the same. Standardizing the approach as done in the above video helps students maximize efficiency and memorize the meaning of the answer choices over time.

In addition, understanding the goal of the question minimizes the amount of excess calculation. As seen in this problem, evaluating only one of the quantities may be enough to arrive at the correct answer, and of course getting to the destination in half the time of your peers is the name of the GRE game!

About the Author: Stefan Maisnier is the Director of Online Tutoring at MyGuru, and sometimes contemplates the lagging Verbal scores of business school applicants while gazing wistfully at his own Masters of Science in Journalism diploma from Northwestern University.