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ETS Bungles Additional GRE Short Form Practice Exam Launch

At long last, ETS has finally converted more of their official online practice exams to the short form of the test that was launched September 22, 2023 - and it only took about four months! That said, as of today, January 22, the PowerPrep practice exam purchasing website could not be more confusing.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 111252

Let's break this down: The title is correct. Students do finally have access to a second free shorter GRE exam. However, the supplementary text immediately identifies that exam as a "practice test that simulates the actual GRE General Test administered on or before September 20, 2023". This information is absolutely incorrect as it directly contradicts the title. Many MyGuru students (and I'm sure other GRE test takers) have been anxiously waiting for these updated tests, so it's beyond frustrating that ETS continues to confuse the people who are ultimately its customers. One other point to note; the ETS website will automatically select for purchase its (most expensive!) $100 GRE Mentor course whenever someone goes to purchase any GRE materials (free or otherwise) even though the Mentor course recycles free content! 

As a GRE prep professional, I could not be more disappointed in how ETS has managed its short form conversion to the GRE. Throughout 2023 students waited patiently for new practice materials. Yet for more than three months after the conversion, ETS offered more practice materials for the retired exam than the new exam and blithely asserted that practicing for a longer test would make students more ready for the shorter exam. This couldn't be further from the truth. I understand that ETS laid off 6% of its workforce this past fall, but maybe then it shouldn't have changed one of your flagship tests at that very moment! All of these factors and more are why, we at MyGuru encourage MBA candidates and JD candidates to prep for / submit the GMAT Focus or LSAT exam instead of the GRE. These exams are developed with much more care than ETS has shown to the GRE and will help develop skills that will be useful in your graduate school and professional endeavors, whereas the GRE is an outdated test that is simply trying to hold onto market share.