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Beyond the GMAT: Unique MBA Admissions Consulting

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 @ 09:14 AM

shutterstock 115114504 resized 600At MyGuru, we offer experienced, 99th percentile scoring GMAT tutors with impressive academic backgrounds and  proven track records of helping students improve their GMAT scores - at an affordable price.  We’ve are building an increasingly deep partnership with an admissions consulting firm with a similar philosophy, as applied to the world of business school admissions (and other types of graduate programs) – InGenius Prep.

Here’s an article by the inGenius prep team about how they approach admissions consulting.

inGenius Prep is an admissions counseling company that helps students build their candidacy and perfect their applications to college, law school, medical school, or business school. Since its inception, inGenius has helped more than 75% of its students gain admission to one of their top choice schools. This success owes itself to the unique structure and approach of the inGenius team.

The caliber of each and every counselor in the inGenius team is unrivaled. The admissions counseling team in each division (college, law school, medical school, and business school) is comprised of two equally important types of counselors that work in tandem with students: Student Coaches and Former Admissions Officers.

1. Student coaches are professional-school students who attend or have attended top-5 colleges, law schools, medical schools, and business schools. Each student coach is handpicked from the top students at their schools. In addition to being carefully selected, the inGenius student coaches are extensively interviewed, and tirelessly trained in the art of admissions. After studying the inGenius methodology and proprietary statistics, the student coaches are well-versed in not just the "art" of admissions, but also "science" of the process.

2. Former Admissions Officers are former Deans, Directors, and Associate Directors of Admission from the best schools in the country. The inGenius team boasts over 45 former admissions officers from schools such as: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford Colleges; Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law schools; Harvard, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins medical schools; and nearly every top-10 business school.

These are seasoned veterans of the admissions process. They are people who know exactly what it takes to become a successful applicant. In the case of Jean Webb--the former Director of Admissions at Yale Law School for 17 years, and a member of the inGenius team--she designed many of the admissions criteria and processes for evaluating candidates herself! They have read tens of thousands of applications, and help shed light on the nuances of the admissions process that even the most intellectually and academically qualified admissions counselors could not offer. The inGenius Former Admissions Officers know exactly what it takes to get in, and they are available to explain it to you 1-on-1.

Because of the size of the inGenius team and corresponding scope of its expertise, inGenius offers its services to students at rates that average roughly 60% less than the majority of its competitors. The inGenius philosophy is that higher education should be a reality, not just a dream, for anyone who wants to put in the work for it -- and we have gone to great lengths to price our services such that they are accessible to almost anyone. In addition, inGenius prep offers generous financial aid programs to students with demonstrated financial need and has a growing non-profit division that mentors and counsels outstanding candidates throughout the country.

The last feature which distinguishes inGenius prep is its one-of-a-kind database, compiled and analyzed by inGenius’s full-time statisticians. Since its inception, the inGenius prep team has been working around the clock to compile this database from tens of thousands of applications to the most competitive schools.  Unlike your run-of-the-mill “admissions calculator” that only accounts for GPA and test scores, our database includes hundreds of variables ranging from nationality and ethnicity to extracurricular activities and internships; from test scores to personal statement topics; from GPA and class rank to professional job experience. You name it, and inGenius is collecting data on it.

Using this data, the inGenius statisticians can analyze and compare successful and unsuccessful applications. This analysis has yielded some very interesting insights, which you can learn about on the inGenius Brain Blog.

Admissions is an art, but we approach it like a science -- rigorously, creatively, ingeniously.


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