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GMAT Interviews: Improving your GMAT Verbal Score

We recently conducted a phone interview with Amit, who worked with one of our most senior GMAT tutors to improve his verbal score.

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About Amit

A graduate of Northwestern University, Amit had always performed well on standardized tests, and was curently an Associate at a boutique management consulting firm.  He was looking to break the 700 barrier on his GMAT, with a particular focus in improving his GMAT Verbal score.

About John

John has degrees in English and Math from Indiana University, and was previously a PhD candidate in Math at University of Illinois at Chicago, where he earned a M.S. in Mathematics.  He scored a 770 on the GMAT, and has worked with 75+ students on private ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT tutoring.  He's worked with several major national test prep firms, and is currently working with MyGuru to develop proprietary GMAT test prep materials, focused on the quantitative section of the GMAT.

Listen to the Interview