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The Anatomy of Great Online Reputation Management

Every tech-savvy student realizes that there’s a ton of information about them online (most of which they’ve posted themselves) and that this information is widely accessible by their peers. Fewer students consider how their online presence will impact their admissions to colleges or to the work-force. And fewer still consider how they can take control of their online presence to ensure a positive impression of them shines through amongst the cluttered returns of a Google search.

One organization is working hard to educate and inspire students to assume control over their digital footprint. Cornerstone Reputation, an educational company committed to empowering students to understand the impact of their online presence, has crafted a straightforward virtual workshop that helps students answer the question of what they should be doing to manage their online reputation. 

Designed to be segmented into a series of homework assignments or classroom sessions, the workshop consists of modules with lessons on: 

  • Learning the essentials of online reputation management
  • Getting a personalized Internet domain name
  • Building a customized website
  • Setting up and optimizing primary social media profiles
  • Aligning your privacy settings to match unique personal preferences
  • Performing the technical magic needed to ensure students control what Google finds
  • Getting content creation guidelines, designed to fit into the time students already spend online

Each module concludes with a quiz, to ensure that the key points are highlighted and retained by students. The workshop is ideally suited for students in high school and college, and takes approximately two hours to complete.

Cornerstone embraces a research-driven approach to the guidance they provide for students. Since 2014, the company has conducted annual surveys of hundreds of college admissions officers and athletic recruiters to learn first-hand how these gatekeepers make decisions based on their online research of student applicants. Cornerstone’s most-recent survey revealed that almost one quarter of admissions officers believe that having a strong online presence gives an applicant an advantage over other applicants. This indicates a potential opportunity for students who go beyond “sanitizing” their online presence and actively build a positive reputation. Cornerstone’s virtual workshop responds to this data by providing students with the tools and skills to take ownership of their online reputation management.

View Cornerstone’s Virtual Workshop explanation on YouTube.



About Cornerstone Reputation

Cornerstone Reputation is an educational company committed to empowering students to understand the impact of their online presence. Through tools and knowledge, Cornerstone seeks to ensure the time students spend online contributes to a positive reputation in today's digitally interconnected world.

By Jennifer Schwartz
Cornerstone Reputation