GRE Tutors in New York

GRE tutoring is one of our core services in New York. Our tutors listen to understand each student's target test date, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and target GRE score. By also reviewing previous official GRE scores or recent practice tests, they'll work with you to design a customized GRE study plan.

Our team of GRE tutors in New York includes:

Michelle T.

  • B.A., Government and English, University of VirginiaM.A., Political Science, George Washington University; 5 years of a Ph.D. Program, Political Science, University of Minnesota (top 20 ranked program)
  • GRE: Quantitative 800, Verbal 700 (97th percentile), SAT: Math 740 (97th-98th percentile), Reading 720 (97th percentile), Writing Subject Test 770. 
  • 7+ years experience, dedicated, and highly effective tutor and teacher at the high school and college levels
  • Tutored the SAT, ACT, GRE (both quantitative and verbal), and other standardized tests for a prestigious NYC test prep company. Taught government courses at the University of Minnesota.

Nirmal C.

  • B.A., Music, Brown University, 1994
  • Masters of Music in Music Composition from San Francisco Conservatory, 1998
  • GMAT: 770, GRE 167Q/167V
  • Full-Time Master Teacher at Kaplan 2005-2010, Self-Employed GMAT/GRE Tutor from 2010 - present

Sonam S.

  • B.A., English, Haverford College, M.A., English Language & Literature, Ph.D., English Language & Literature, Cornell University
  • ~9 advanced mathematics classes (beyond calculus) as he was deciding to major in Math or English
  • SAT, GRE, and LSAT – 99th percentile scores
  • Worked part-time for Kaplan from 2001-2011 at centers in Ithaca, NY; Albany, NY; New York, NY; Washington, DC; and Lincoln, NE. Tutored and taught LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and SAT.
  • Covers all sections of the GRE: Quant, Verbal, Writing
  • Several years of private tutoring through MyGuru

This is not an exhaustive list of our New York-based GRE tutors, but should provide a sense for the quality and experience level of our team.

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