In-Person or Online GRE Test Prep Tutoring

We offer customized in-person and online GRE prep.  Our GRE coaches have more experience than almost any other GRE prep provider, yet our GRE tutoring rates are generally 50% below the major test prep companies. Fill out the form below for more information. 

Given the impact of COVID-19, we are offering free consultations followed by an initial 1 hour online GRE tutoring session at a 33% discount.

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In-Person & Online GRE Instruction Options and Tutoring Rates

We offer in-person GRE tutoring in a growing number of cities (including Chicago, New York, and Boston) because we do recognize that some students simply prefer to meet a tutor in-person. However, we recommend online tutoring.  It encourages best practices for the computer delivered GRE, while offering more convenience and functionality.

GRE tutoring rates

Our GRE tutors will build you a customized study plan while functioning as a coach, tutor, and mentor.  For students seeking a truly immersive GRE learning experience, our premium online tutoring includes full session recording and a 24/7 live private whiteboard where students can leave notes for their instructor between lessons and receive a response.  A PDF document capturing the whiteboard notes is emailed after each session for continued reference.

We offer standard discounts (up to 15%) for each of our offerings when committing to a curriculum of 20 or 40 hours up-front, but our base hourly tutoring rate has no minimum hours requirement. Again, we also offer a ~20 minute free introductory phone call or virtual meeting with your likely tutor.

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How does MyGuru's online GRE tutoring work?

We believe our approach to online instruction provides a more intuitive and more personalized experience than anything else in the online GRE prep market.

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  • Students only need to click a link from their instructor to launch a video conference where both tutor and student can react to verbal and non-verbal cues
  • All GRE test taking strategies are demonstrated by our expert tutors on a shared whiteboard
  • Online tutoring requires nothing beyond a laptop, internet, and scratch paper (just like the GRE)

In our view, online GRE tutoring isn't just comparable to face-to-face tutoring, it's better. 

Our Professional GRE Tutors

We truly believe we have the best GRE tutors around.  Much of our online GRE tutoring is delivered by a true test prep expert, MyGuru's Director of Online Tutoring, Stefan, who has personally recruited and trained our online GRE prep team. Like our other instructors, he is a professional test prep tutor with a 95% or better GRE score and many years of experience. He and the other members of our team tutor full-time and are constantly looking for ways to provide the most effective, customized GRE prep experience possible. We'll assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you reach your target score on the GRE. Please feel free to explore additional profiles of other online GRE tutors.

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