FRM Exam Tutoring

A private FRM tutor can help you develop a customized plan to prepare for the FRM Exam Part 1 or 2.

The FRM is the leading certification for risk managers. It is valued highly by nearly every major bank, and other large corporations, because it indicates that you’ve demonstrated the knowledge and ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to critical risk issues.

In-Person & Online FRM Tutoring Rates and Coaching Options

We recommend online FRM tutoring because of its convenience (many FRM students and tutors are also working full-time jobs) and, with the use of our online tools, effectiveness.

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For students seeking a truly immersive learning experience, our premium online tutoring includes full session recording and a 24/7 live private whiteboard where students can leave notes and interact with their FRM coach between lessons.

Discounts of greater than 15% off the above base rates are available when you invest in packages of hours in advance. We also offer a ~20 minute free introductory phone call (for in-person tutoring) or virtual meeting (for online FRM training) with your likely tutor for you to share more details on your situation and ask questions before paying for a initial hour. Please fill out the form below for more details on pricing and package options.

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How is the FRM exam structured?

FRM certification is awarded after you pass two rigorous multiple-choice exams (FRM Exam Part I and Part II).  Two years of relevant work experience is also required. You must take the FRM Exam Part I before Part II.

The FRM Exam Part 1 covers:

  • Foundations of risk management (e.g., risk types, measurement, corporate governance etc.) – 20%
  • Quantitative analysis (e.g., probability distributions, statistical inference, volatility, etc.) – 20%
  • Financial markets (e.g., institutions, investment types, hedging, exchange rate risks, etc.) – 30%
  • Valuation and risk models (e.g., value-at-risk, stress testing, option valuation, etc..) – 30%

The FRM Exam Part 2 covers:

  • Market risk measurement (e.g., value-at-risk, dependence, term structure, volatility, etc.) – 25%
  • Credit risk measurement (e.g., credit analysis, default risk, quant methods, etc.) – 25%
  • Operational and integrated risk management (e.g., enterprise risk management (ERM), etc.) – 25%
  • Risk management and investment management (e.g., portfolio theory, factory theory, etc.) – 15%
  • Current issues in financial markets (e.g., “big data,” AI machine learning, Fintech, etc.) – 10%

More details on required content knowledge are available by downloading the FRM learning objectives document from GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals).

Why consider an FRM tutor?

The FRM exam requires candidates to demonstrate mastery of a wide range of financial risk concepts. The breadth of knowledge required is large. Candidates tend to seek the support of a private FRM tutor for one of two reasons:

  •  They need help developing a customized FRM exam study plan suitable for their timing, strengths and weaknesses. The “off the shelf’ materials purchased is obviously helpful, but they aren’t sure what specific sub-concepts to emphasize in their study plan, or how deep their knowledge needs to be in a given area.
  • They need help understanding specific risk management concepts. Perhaps they are completely unfamiliar with a particular area of the FRM exam, or as they begin studying, they realize they have knowledge gaps they can’t fill on their own.

 In both cases, an FRM tutor from MyGuru would help you develop a customized study plan inclusive of timing for review of key concepts, assigned homework, and personalized instruction on a regular basis.

An Example FRM Tutor

One of our more senior FRM tutors is Tarryn V.

  • Bachelor of Science (Physics, Astrophysics); Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Master of Commerce (Finance)
  • CFA, FRM
  • 10+ years as 4th year student supervisor
  • 2 years teaching managerial finance in online environment
  • Recently commenced as mentor for MIT Future Commerce online course
  • Several years of private tutoring experience

One of our FRM tutors will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you efficiently and effectively prepare for the FRM exam. 

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New Self-Paced Online FRM Prep Option

We also partner with Analyst Prep to deliver private FRM tutoring alongside their industry leading self-paced FRM prep. Their FRM exam prep platform features:

  • A large and growing question bank for  both FRM levels
  • High quality video lessons from award winning FRM instructors
  • Mock exams
  • Study notes
  • Unlimited email-based tutoring
  • Optional live FRM tutoring

Click the link below to learn more.

self-paced CFA course

Additional Resources to Help You Prepare for the FRM Exam

Check out our CFA, CAIA, and FRM blog for the latest student testimonials, concept reviews, study plan advice, and certification comparisons.  Obviously, the GARP web-site offers and in-depth exploration of the FRM exam and the benefits of pursuing FRM certification.