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Proven Executive Functioning Expertise

To help students build executive function skills, we have partnered with Chicago Home Tutor, founded by Laura Reber, who is a nationally certified school psychologist working in the Chicago area. She graduated valedictorian from Truman State University with a psychology degree and a minor in Computer Science. Laura has worked as a school psychologist, academic interventionist, special education team facilitator, Response to Intervention (RTI) team organizer, and behavioral interventionist since her graduation, working with academic and behavioral problems at every level from the general education student to special education populations.

Every tutoring session is designed with your child’s executive functioning needs in mind to help the student build executive function skills in a way that integrates with the student’s academic coursework and our school psychologist tutors are skilled in implementing supports to help improve your child’s executive functioning. Examples include the use of time management tools (planners, alarms and checklists), memory strategies (mnemonic devices, automaticity and cognitive training) and social skills training to practice flexibility and theory of mind (taking the perspectives of others).

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