Private Online GMAT Tutoring

We believe online GMAT tutoring can be more affordable, more convenient, and as effective as in-person GMAT tutoring.

Online GMAT tutoring from MyGuru, like our in-person tutoring, leverages The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2017 Bundle (Official Guide + Verbal Guide + Quantitative Guide). We begin with a diagnostic session, help you develop a study plan, deliver customized lessons designed to build upon your strenghs and address your weaknesses, and incorporate official practice tests to track progress. 

Key Beliefs about Studying for the GMAT

We believe that group classes provide little new info that isn’t contained in self study materials, that 1-on-1 tutoring provides a superior method of instruction, making possible continuous, targeted improvement, and that the large well branded test prep firms have made 1-on-1 test prep virtually unaffordable. Whether you choose in-person or online GMAT tutoring, the customized instruction can help you build your skills far more rapidly than self-study or large group classes.

Online GMAT Tutoring Increases Efficiency and Creates New Learning Options

Some students hesitate to consider online GMAT tutoring, instead searching for a local tutor they can sit down to meet with face-to-face. While we of course understand this perspective, we ask students to consider a few things about the online tutoring experience:

  • With a good internet connection, the online experience can be similar to an in-person experience, in that you can "read and respond" to your tutor's verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Writing on a virtual whiteboard can be very similar to writing on physical scratch paper

  • Removing the requirement to travel to a physical location often saves both the student and the tutor time and money...

  • ...and also tends to open up more scheduling options for both parties

  • In some cases, online GMAT tutoring sessions can be recorded, so the student can review lessons to reinforce the concept or approach

Remember, the GMAT is computer-based now, so working with a computer-based tutor encourages good habits, such as writing down a process of elimination outline for every problem and proper note taking for reading comprehension rather than just completing the problems on the page of a GMAT Official Guide book (for example). Many of our students consider buying the online or Kindle versions of the GMAT or GRE materials to once again best approximate the actual testing experience.

For these reasons, in our view, online tutoring is at a minimum “as good” as face-to-face tutoring. In fact, it might be better. To read more about our perspective on online tutoring click here.

Customized GMAT Tutoring from an Expert Tutor

Most of our online GMAT tutoring is delivered by a true GMAT expert, Stefan. His background includes:

  • BA, University of Southern California

  • MS, Northwestern University

  • 12+ years of GMAT tutoring experience with the Princeton Review (and more recently, MyGuru)

  • Consistently achieves GMAT scores of 750+ on Princeton Review administered practice exams

  • Dozens of previous GMAT students have scored 700+

  • Expert at all sections of the GMAT, including the most recent version of the exam

  • Has his own proprietary study schedules, worksheets, and approach to delivering online GMAT tutoring effectively

Stefan will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to help you prepare for the GMAT as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Our base rate for online GMAT tutoring is $95, but we also offer 5, 10, or 15 hour packages which come with discounts of 5, 10, or 15%. That's a long term rate of $95 * 85% = $80.75 per hour, which is what we always charge for the first session. If you then choose to continue with a 15 hour package, that's a total cost of $80.75 * 15 hours = $1,211.25.

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