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LSAT Tip of the Week: Non-Conditional Questions

Posted by Dhara Shah on Mon, Apr 16, 2018 @ 09:16 AM

takingthelsatA common question type you will see for a logic game in the logical reasoning section will be non-conditional questions. Non-conditional questions can be viewed as the opposite of conditional questions and no new information will be set forth. So how do you tackle this question type? Well, since there is no new information you will have to depend on the information you already have as well as the inferences and diagrams you have already made. The question will either ask you for something that (1) must be true or (2) must be false/could be true. The former is straightforward, and you just need to find the answer choice that is always true, a good hint is to look at the inferences you already made. The latter is a bit more complicated. Here, you will have to play a game of elimination. Most likely you will have to check each rule given and see which answer choice violates a rule. Remember this general rule of thumb to differentiate the two non-conditional questions and you will save time on your approach and analysis.

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