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LSAT Tip of the Week: Conditional Questions

Posted by Dhara Shah on Mon, Apr 09, 2018 @ 09:16 AM

conditional question.jpgYou may have heard that there are various types of questions for the logic games within the logical reasoning section of the LSAT. But what are these types and how do you spot them? This week we will focus in on conditional questions. What is a conditional question? It is usually one that adds in some new scenario using an if-statement. In order to tackle a conditional question, you usually will need to draw out a new diagram, as you have new information presented to you. The previous information you were originally given still does apply though, so make sure you incorporate the old with the new, unless the conditional question explicitly states not to. This question type is not hard to master at all and with a little practice can even become one of the easier question-types you face! 

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