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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Review Series: Conversion Analogies

Posted by Mark Skoskiewicz on December 11, 2018 5:04:55 PM CST

In this continuation of our MAT review video series we discuss a slightly different and generally considered to be trickier type of analogy tested on the MAT.

One of the slightly more complex question types on the Miller Analogies Test involves needing to recognize changes in the literal letters in the words used in the analogy instead of analyzing a more typical contextual or meaning-based analogy. These types of analogies can be particularly tricky, because if you are not aware that they happen, it's possible to fall into what Stefan describes as some "cleverly laid" traps hiding in the answer choices.

Here are some key takeaway from this MAT analogies video:

  1. Start by understanding accepted analogies (e.g., you can't relate word B to C)
  2. Identify the pivot term in the analogy
  3. Recognize MAT analogy relationships can be based on letters or rhyme, not always context. 
  4. Words that are "kind of" or "sort of" alike is generally not specific enough for an acceptable MAT analogy
  5. Avoid clever traps (e.g., the relationship trap, where you focus on one relationship between two words that doesn't exist between the other two words)

This video was produced by MyGuru Director of Online Instruction and expert online MAT tutor Stefan Maisnier. Visit our YouTube channel for more MAT analogy videos.

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