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When Should You Do Your GRE Test Prep Online?

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There are two different ways to think about the concept of doing your GRE test prep online: 1) working with an online GRE tutor and 2) enrolling in an online GRE prep course. In this article, we’ll focus on the idea of working with an online tutor. 

When most people consider hiring a GRE test prep tutor, they still think of meeting someone face-to-face. In fact, here at MyGuru we estimate that 9/10 people request an in-person tutor specifically, and when we don’t have one available, 1, maybe 2, agree to do trial session online.  It just seems that people, in general, aren’t that comfortable with online GRE tutoring.  That said, in the last several years it is still true that online tutoring has become more and more commonplace, so if you are thinking of hiring a tutor to help you prepare for the GRE, looking for a tutor online is an option you will likely want to consider.  

Here are some of the factors you will probably want to take into account when determining if doing your GRE test prep tutoring online makes sense for you. 

How up to speed are you with technology?  Do you have a webcam, microphone, and reliable Internet connection?  Do you already use Skype to chat with friends and family?  If so, you will most likely have little to no difficulty working with a tutor online.  In fact, if you’re a regular Facebook user, you probably have the tech savvy to receive GRE tutoring online. 

Here are some online meeting and tutoring platforms to check out for yourself:

How full is your schedule?  Would it be easier for you to fit in travelling to meet with a tutor outside your home, or getting in front of a computer and meeting one online?  Many students are surprised at just how convenient online tutoring really is.  A 20 minute car ride is more than a 20 minute car ride if you can’t find your keys, you hit traffic on the way, you get pulled over, etc.

Have you tried looking for an in-person tutor?  Were you able to find one who is in your area, is available when you are, and is a good fit for you?  In general, if you remove the in-person constraint, it’s easy to find an expert tutor who’s a perfect fit, since you have, literally, the entire world to pull from, vs. a 10-20 mile radius around your home.

How tight is your budget?  When you widen your search outside of your immediate area, selection goes up and so does value.  Online tutors are more likely to be full-time professionals, and don't have to factor travel costs into their overhead.  At MyGuru, we typically charge 15% less for online tutoring.  So, the exact same tutor, providing the same instruction, costs significantly more in-person than online.  

MyGuru's services include online GRE Test Prep tutoring from some of the best tutors available, so if you would like to find out how we can help you, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Dane Dormio is an online tutor and academic coach who helps students get the most out of school and life.  You can find more articles and resources on his blog at


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