Premium Online Test Prep Tutoring

Building upon MyGuru’s proven online instruction methods, we are proud to offer a premium online tutoring experience unlike anything available from any other test-prep provider. MyGuru premium online test prep tutoring offers a live, personalized, dynamic, interactive, and fully recorded one-on-one online learning experience with a proven instructor possessing over 15 years of test prep experience – our Director of Online Tutoring, Stefan.

Stefan will begin every fully recorded session on your own personal whiteboard and end with a comprehensive set of notes that you can access at anytime via your own personal link to that private whiteboard. That private whiteboard is then never erased, so every MyGuru premium online student can review and update their notes anytime through both the online documentation and the hosted recordings.

We especially believe in premium online tutoring for computer-based exams like the GMAT and the GRE. After all, what better way could there be to prepare for a computer-based test, than through computer-based tutoring? And with our preferred online tools, all students need to get started is an email address.

Premium Online Tutoring Process

Every MyGuru premium online relationship is produced and recorded from beginning to end:

  • Before the first session:
    • You are assigned a private online whiteboard where no note is ever deleted and both you and your instructor have 24/7 access to exchange notes between lessons
    • You discuss your prior prep as well as personal strengths and weaknesses, so your tutor can define objectives for each lesson and an overall curriculum
    • You will be sent a WebEx calendar invite with a direct link to launch each videoconference
    • You and your instructor trade phone numbers as a backup – since all that is absolutely necessary to conduct a session is minimal internet access to view the shared whiteboard, and you can always view a recording of any lesson after the fact
  • During the session:
    • You are able to converse with and see your instructor via live WebEx videoconferencing
    • You and your instructor work simultaneously from the same online materials or physical textbook(s)
    • You can share test results via WebEx screenshare and review practice test questions live with your instructor
    • Your instructor can share their screen at anytime via WebEx screenshare as a secondary shared source of practice material
    • You and your instructor will solve problems in real-time interactively using your private RealTimeBoard where no content is ever deleted
    • Each full lesson is recorded for continued reference and review
  • After the session:
    • Within 24 hours of every lesson you receive a link to the hosted recording which is accessible for up to a month after your test date
    • You receive an emailed .pdf copy of each lesson's whiteboard notes as well for additional single use or printable reference
    • You are assigned a tailored set of homework problems to complete and self-review prior to the next session
    • You prepare specific problems to discuss with your instructor to ensure time is used efficiently
    • Your instructor will check the private whiteboard once every business day to see and/or respond if you have left any questions or notes to review between lessons


The base hourly rate for premium online tutoring is $195, but we also offer 5-, 10-, or 15-hour packages which come with discounts of 5, 10, or 15%, respectively. That's a maximum-discounted long-term rate of $195 × 85% = $165.75 per hour, so if you choose a 15-hour package, that's a total cost of $165.75 × 15 hours = $2,486.25. Of course, we allow for longer relationships as well, and whatever your maximum discounted rate is remains locked-in for any additional hours you may need to add to any package.

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