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While the Essential Skills Assessment is an exam created by GMAC to assess preparedness for a graduate management education program, it is not a GMAT or Executive Assessment Exam replacement and our instructors always teach this exam using specific content separate from those more prominent exams. Before taking this assessment, applicants should confirm that target schools will accept it.

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Essential Skills Assessment (ESA) Tutoring Rates and Coaching Options

We recommend online Essential Skills Assessment tutoring to encourage best practices for the at-home computer-delivered official Essential Skills Assessment, while simultaneously offering more convenience and functionality.

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For students seeking a truly immersive learning experience, our premium online tutoring offers full session recording and 24/7 access to a private whiteboard where students can leave notes and interact with their ESA coach between lessons. 

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How Online Essential Skills Assessment Tutoring Works

We believe that our approach to online Essential Skills Assessment tutoring provides a more intuitive and personalized experience than any other Essential Skills instruction option. After every MyGuru online session each student has a minimum of two texts to review - our specifically cultivated Essential Skills word problems practice materials and a digital copy of that day's whiteboard filled with study notes and strategies specifically tailored to you.

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Our new ESA course is self-paced. It takes about 2-3 hours to watch all course videos and complete a few simple assignments. A few additional hours of practice outside of the course is also recommended. Learn more about the course by clicking here. Use code FIRSTMONTH for a 66% discount (offer available for the next 30 days).

About the Essential Skills Assessment

The exam is made up of two sections: Verbal Reasoning (i.e., reading comprehension and critical reasoning) and Quantitative Reasoning (i.e., basic computation, ratios & proportions, basic algebra, and applied problem solving). Each part is timed, with the quantitative portion being slightly longer (VR is 20 minutes for 10 questions, QR is 30 minutes for 20 questions), adding up to a 50 minute exam. The total score is the sum of the two sections, and ranges from 0 to 15. 

The assessment is delivered through Proctor U in a secure, online environment. This test cannot be taken in a public space and you will need to follow strict guidelines laid out in advance by GMAC and Proctor U to maintain the test's integrity. 

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