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Some online test-prep providers and remote learning websites rely on prerecorded videos providing no opportunity for live student-teacher interaction. Others rely on inexperienced instructors narrating prepackaged slides using antiquated technologies and standardized curricula without any customization.   

MyGuru offers a live, dynamic, interactive, one-on-one online learning experience at nearly half the cost of comparable online instructors by using free, intuitive online white-boarding and live videoconferencing technology. We rely on our expert online tutors to design highly personalized remote learning experiences.  We begin every session with an empty whiteboard and end with a comprehensive set of instructor generated notes illustrating that day's lesson. After every online tutoring session students have the option to review their notes anytime in PDF form.

We also offer "premium" online tutoring with two key benefits: a) every session is recorded for later review and b) you can pose questions on the online whiteboard at any time. This notifies the instructor, who will respond to you within 24 hours. So your online tutoring experience extends beyond the 1-2 hours of live online coaching you receive each week.

Rates for online tutoring vary greatly based on the subject or standardized test, from $50 to $125 per hour, with discounts for investing in packages of hours. Premium online tutoring is typically 30-50% more per hour.

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Online Tutoring Process

We especially believe in online tutoring for computer-based exams like the GMAT and the GRE. After all, what better way could there be to prep for a computer-based test, than through computer-based tutoring?  All students need to get started is a Gmail or Skype account. Here are more details on our online tutoring process.

Before the session:

You discuss your prior prep as well as personal strengths and weaknesses so your tutor can define objectives for each lesson and an overall curriculum. Your instructor then shares Google Hangout and/or Skype contact information to facilitate videoconferencing. Immediately before the session, you receive a link to your instructor's whiteboard where techniques are illustrated during the session.  You and your instructor trade phone numbers as a backup - since all that is absolutely necessary to conduct a session is minimal internet access to view the shared whiteboard.

During the session:

You are able to converse and see your instructor via Google Hangout or Skype videoconferencing, and you both work simultaneously from the same online materials or physical textbook.  You can share test results via Google Hangout or Skype screen share and review practice test questions live with your instructor.  Your instructor leads you in solving problems in real-time interactively using an advanced online whiteboard.

After the session:

You receive an emailed .pdf copy of the lesson's whiteboard notes. You'll be assigned a tailored set of homework problems to complete and self-review prior to the next session. You can prepare specific problems to discuss with your instructor to ensure time is used efficiently.

Additional Features of Premium Online Tutoring

With premium online tutoring, the process for each session and the tools used mirror what is described above. However, you also receive:
A private whiteboard which allows:
  • Student whiteboard editing
  • 24/7 whiteboard access to leave notes and questions for instructor
  • Unlimited space to keep all session notes without ever erasing

Full session screen-capture recording and video hosting so you can review each session repeatedly:

  • Hosted for duration of instruction and 90 days after
  • Serialized by lesson

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